Thousands of people around the world have bought Enerjii jewellery for their loved ones. The Italian designed bracelets and necklaces not only look great, but also incorporate technologies to alleviate joint and muscle pain, improve quality of sleep, boost energy and reduce stress – making Enerjii the ultimate wellbeing gift. Now the sought-after range is being made available to distributors in the UK. Enerjii is the only energising jewellery to use up to four technologies: Magnets, Far Infrared, Negative Ions and Copper. The high-quality wellbeing range consists of four designs – Synerjii, Trilojii, Sportii and Copperii – and all come in a sleek presentation box. Enerjii is the ideal gift for sports enthusiasts, parents and grandparents and anybody with an interest in healthy living or a passion for fashion. With generous profit margins, Enerjii is also the ultimate investment! The company’s marketing support is second-to-none, providing POS material, training and full product support – including customer service helplines and a significant, ongoing national and regional public relations campaign. New distributors are offered one-to-one training and help with in-store demonstrations that aid sales and customer education. HOW DOES ENERJII WORK? Magnets – to support circulation and relieve pain. Studies indicate that applying a static magnetic field to the body can help dilate the blood vessels[1] and improve circulation. They are used by many athletes to improve sports performance and people who suffer from joint and muscle pain. Enerjii’s high-quality rare earth neodymium magnetic inserts emit a magnetic field strength of between 800 - 1200 mT Gauss strength, which is considered the safest and most beneficial range for humans. Far Infrared (FIR) – to stimulate circulation, heal and alleviate pain. FIR is the the invisible band of energy from the sun’s spectrum that we feel as warmth. Our bodies absorb FIR through the skin and eyes and this stimulates our metabolism in the same way these rays stimulate photosynthesis in plants. Enerjii uses FIR white bio-ceramic inserts, technology developed by NASA, which absorb energy from various sources and release it as FIR rays. Negative Ions – to calm and boost immunity. The feel-good ‘vitamins of the air’, Negative Ions are created naturally by the energy associated with rolling surf, waterfalls and lightning, and filter the air of dust, pollen, smoke and pollutants. The levels of negative ions are sadly depleted in our everyday domestic environment – most homes have 100 ion/cm3, while at the base of a waterfall you find 3,000. Enerjii Negative Ion inserts produce 800 – 1500+ negative ions per cm3. It is estimated that 80% of these ions are absorbed through the skin and 20% are released into the atmosphere around the body where they can be inhaled. Copper – to heal and energise. Copper is an essential trace mineral involved in the formation, synthesis, and release of life-sustaining proteins and enzymes which produce cellular energy, regulate body functions such as nerve transmission, blood clotting, oxygen transport, and stimulate the immune system to fight infections, repair injured tissues, and promote healing. Copper bracelets have been the alternative therapy of choice for sports men and women for decades. They strongly believe that wearing the bracelet assists with arthritis and joint problems such as ‘tennis elbow’ and generally strengthens their sports performance. As well as using Magnets, Negative Ions and Far Infrared, Enerjii’s Copperii bracelets are solid copper links with a White Gold IP plating finish and a high quality Japanese Surgical Stainless Steel (316L) clasp. The underside is unplated raw copper for maximum contact with the skin. Note: Enerjii Bracelets are not a medical device. If you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, consult your doctor before wearing Enerjii Bracelets. -ENDS- References: [1] American Journal of Physiology, November 2007