Top Tips for a Flat Tummy

The Flat Tummy Guru: Shrinking the UK’s Waistline One Inch At A Time!

The Flat Tummy Guru – celebrity personal trainer Gillian Reeves – is on hand to help you shed inches from your waist in preparation for the party season and to help hide the UK’s most hated body part – the dreaded jelly belly[1]. “I’ve worked with film actors and, without exception, their biggest worry is always their belly,” says Gillian. ”Bloating, water retention and excess fat are the three problems we need to combat to achieve a flat tummy, and I’ve devised a simple diet, supplement and exercise regime that guarantees results.” EXCESS FAT Avoid Trans Fats Nasty trans fats make you fatter than other foods with the same number of calories. Research suggests it actually draws fat away from other areas of your body to give your tum an extra layer![2] Trans fats occur when vegetable oil is heated over 100 degrees, so stick to cooking with olive oil. Also, look at the ingredients list of food when you’re in the supermarket: in the USA the level of trans fat has to be declared on all packaging, however in the UK it is hidden within the category of ‘saturated fat’. Where possible, avoid foods with high saturated fat (more than 5g per 100g), such as margarine, deep fried food, ramen noodles and soups and baked foods, like biscuits and cakes. Exercise It Off Abdominal crunches, along with exercises that switch on the deep core muscles in the torso, are the best way to get a washboard stomach. Lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor while breathing out to get the muscles moving in the right way. Concentrate on drawing your naval down towards your spine to activate the deep core muscles. Make sure that you do the same amount of exercise for your back as well to ensure muscular balance. For example, lay on your front and slowly lift head and shoulders off the floor pulling your abdominals in slightly, then lower back down. I often suggest to my clients that they take part in a boxing class. This challenges the muscles of the torso and is great for the waist line as there is a lot of twisting involved. Boxing will also burn lots of calories and help shed the excess on top of your belly. Correct posture is another great belly-flattening technique. Always stand tall with your shoulders pulled back and down and deep abdominals held in slightly. BLOATING It sounds unbelievable, but it’s possible that your waist is actually inches smaller than you think! Being bloated can cause us to go up several dress sizes, however because of our daily lifestyles many people don’t realise they are constantly bloated – somewhere under there a tiny waist could be waiting to be revealed! Banish the bloat by: Breaking Your Bad Habits Swallowing too much air can lead to a bloated tummy. There are several habits that can cause this: talking while eating, using a straw, chewing gum and eating on the go or too quickly. Try to curb these habits and you’ll notice a big difference. Eating Smart What you eat has a big impact on how much excess air your digestive system creates. Flat Tummy Superfoods: ginger, peppermint tea, fennel, cinnamon, chamomile Flat Tummy Enemies: alcohol, tea and coffee, sugar, carbonated drinks, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts, onions and garlic Walking It Off Take at least a five minute walk directly after every meal. It will get things moving in your digestive system to release trapped air and help keep your tummy flat. Supplementing With Prebiotics Prebiotics are supplements crammed with goodies that the beneficial bacteria in your tummy thrive on. If you take them regularly you will boost the number of good bacteria in your stomach, so digestion is improved and your tummy will bulge less. I like Flat Tummy, £8.99 from It comes in a handy blister pack that is discreet and easy to carry around, plus the minty flavour also helps to keep your breath fresh! WATER RETENTION One of the biggest barriers to a flat tummy is one of our favourite seasonings: salt. Sodium attracts water, so if you are eating more salt than necessary you’ll be carrying around a lot of excess water, leaving you feeling sluggish and looking puffy. It may be difficult at first, but cut down your salt intake and after a few weeks your belly will have shrunk and your taste buds will adapt so things will start tasting salty again anyway! To maintain a healthy internal environment just chew on two minty e’lifexir® Flat Tummy plus tablets a day. The blister pack is small enough to fit into your handbag so relief from that uncomfortable feeling is never far away. e’lifexir® Flat Tummy plus costs £8.99 for 30 tablets Available nationwide across the UK and Ireland from: • • Independent health food stores • Independent Pharmacies • GNC stores • Mail order • Holland & Barrett (Please note e’lifexir® Flat Tummy Plus is a food supplement, not a slimming pill) For all queries readers can or call the UK Helpline on 0845 601 8129 or email -ENDS- For all press queries, samples and images please contact CCD PR T: 020 7434 4100 or E: / [1] Zotrim ‘Body Bulges’ survey, conducted by YouGov, 2041 respondents, 22 December 2008 [2] Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 2006