Yin Yang, the all-natural British skincare range, is launching a gorgeous new deep cleansing Kaolin Face Mask in time for the January detox. A deep cleansing, toning and revitalising treatment, Ying Yang Kaolin Face Mask works to draw out impurities, removing dead skin cells and unblocking pores - leaving your complexion clear, rejuvenated and revived. Using Cornwall mined clay, Ying Yang Kaolin Face Mask actively helps to clear and hydrate congested skin whilst it’s highly absorbent minerals and essential oils leave your face nourished and re-energised. Yin Yang has always believed that beauty begins with flawless skin. Creator Katie May says: “It pays to invest in great skincare products with the highest quality natural ingredients that leave you looking and feeling hydrated and refreshed. The unique formula of the Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask remains moist instead of drying to a hard paste, enabling easy removal and preventing skin irritation so it has never been easier to get blemish-free, revived, glowing skin naturally. “ Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask suits all skin types and can be used on a daily basis to thoroughly cleanse you skin. Price: £12.50