Intelligent reference work helping researchers

Intelligent reference work helping researchers The Norwegian company search4science is launching an intelligent database which is helping researchers from all over the world to express themselves correctly. In close collaboration with the founders, some 20 people from Cell Network Oslo have developed and designed a scientific reference work which grows more comprehensive as it is used. Since January of this year, 35 researchers and students linked to the Oslo Research Park have been working on a new method of finding relevant information on the Internet. The result is search4science, an interactive and intelligent search service which, as a start, contains around 50,000 scientific words and expressions. "Researchers have grown fed up with the chaotic information that reigns on the Internet, where many users seldom finding what they are looking for," says Bjørn K. Pedersen, MD and founder of search4science AS. "Our search method is the solution to this problem, since it offers more synonyms and supplementary words the more it is used. We have already applied for a patent for the technical solution." The development has been going on for just over a year, in collaboration with KPN/ Qwest and IBM. Cell Network has total responsibility for design, software, front-end and back-end technology. "A database that automatically develops, maintains, and expands its content is optimal for various Internet portals, and we will be seeing more fields of application for this technology in the future," says Janicke Groseth, Project Manager at Cell Network Oslo. "This assignment has been exciting and informative inasmuch as we have been working with cutting edge expertise at all levels of the process." "We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Cell Network, says Bjørn K. Pedersen. "We contacted them in order to obtain a professional web design, but following the pilot study, we agreed that they should take on total responsibility for the entire solution in close collaboration with us. The result has been a complete solution delivered on schedule and within budget." Facts about search4science As a result of this work, the company search4science AS has been set up, and is owned by its founders and institutional investors. On 4 December 2000 the meeting place was opened to researchers, and around 2,000 new words have already been entered onto the database by users. In addition to the search engine, the site offers a large number of services, including discussion groups, and an e-mail catalogue aimed at researchers. Visit out homepage: For more information: Bjørn K. Pedersen, MD, search4science AS, phone +47 92241444 Janicke Groseth, Project Manager search4science, Cell Network Oslo, phone +47 23196600 Arvid Liepe, Dir. Investor Relations, Cell Network, phone +46 8 402 3191, +46 709 565185 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: