IT solution provides better home care

IT solution provides better home care Now private individuals can experience improved service when rapid turn- outs are required, whether it relates to downed power lines or emergency care in the home. Together, Cell Network and Ericsson Compitex are offering an IT solution which will radically increase the efficiency of various operations within the mobile service sector. Health, security, and energy companies are among those with much to gain. The solution consists of a number of different module-based components based on Ericsson Compitex's established Securicom platform and a CXE exchange. Cell Network will be integrating the business systems of mobile operations as well as offering modern interfaces through web solutions. The result is a winning concept for everyone. A higher level of efficiency and profitability for the company, increased security and faster service for the customer. "With this data application, the opportunities and capabilities of giving rapid and correct service are increased. Doubling of work, and erroneous decisions will be greatly reduced," explains Göran Jaksch, Key Account Ericsson Compitex, Cell Network in Gothenburg. "Quite simply, resources will be put where they are most needed." For a security company, this solution means that the staff avoid messages by telephone, fax, and e-mail - all information will come directly to their computer screens, which makes ordering priorities easier and increases the dispatch rate of messages. The same applies to the health sector, with such things as Home Service easily being able to see who is most in need of emergency help. "By collaborating with selected mobile operators, we will be able to offer strong mobile solutions and allied services for this type of customer," predicts Göran Jaksch. "We see great potential in this solution and hope the first quotations will be closed before the end of July." For more information: Göran Jaksch, Key Account Ericsson Compitex, Cell Network Sweden, phone: +46 (0) 31 707 69 00, + 46 (0)70 995 00 12 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: