Cellartis Participates in Pioneering Stem Cell Collaboration in Scotland

New World-Leading R&D Centre Set Up in Dundee

GOTHENBURG, January 18, 2007. The Gothenburg, Sweden, based biotech company Cellartis AB and its partners ITI Life Sciences and University of Glasgow today announced an extensive £9.5 million R&D programme to develop human stem cells for pharmaceutical research. The funding of the programme was made by ITI Life Sciences.

“This is an immensely exciting programme, and we are very much looking forward to participating in it. This important collaboration is in line with our strategic goal of scaling up our human embryonic stem cell technology”, commented Mats Lundwall, CEO of Cellartis.

“Life science research in Scotland, particularly in the stem cell area, is recognised internationally, and by establishing a research base in Scotland, we hope to contribute to the growth of this sector, while at the same time expanding our own business and operations in Scotland.”

The partnership is an acknowledgement of Cellartis cutting edge technology and will contribute to sustaining the company’s leading global position in stem cell applications for drug discovery. While maintaining the Gothenburg headquarter, this expansion will enable Cellartis in concert with the Scottish stem cell community to jointly take on emerging opportunities.
This is a unique opportunity that will benefit both Sweden and Scotland.

As part of this three-year programme, Cellartis, one of the world’s most advanced stem cell companies and the world’s largest provider of ethically-derived human pluripotent stem cells, is setting up an R&D and manufacturing facility at the Medipark in Dundee, creating a significant number of high-value jobs. In addition to the ITI programme funding, Cellartis will receive a Regional Selective Assistance Award from the Scottish Executive for this establishment.

For further information, please contact:

Mats Lundwall
Tel +46 (0)31 7580903

Johan Hyllner
Tel +46 (0)31 7580902

Notes to editors

About Cellartis
Cellartis AB is a Swedish biotechnology company focused on human embryonic stem (hES) cells for drug discovery, toxicity testing and regenerative medicine with the main objective to develop hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes from these cells. The company is the world’s largest single source of defined hES cell lines, and has developed more than 30 well documented cell lines. Two cell lines are listed on the NIH Stem Cell Registry and 20 in the UK Stem Cell Bank. In addition, Cellartis has successfully established and characterised the first truly xeno-free hES cell line, an important step towards the clinical use of hES cells. The company’s strategy is to accelerate product development by working in partnership with academia and industry. Cellartis focuses on quality and scale-up cell production which are crucial factors for future growth. The company was founded in 2001, has 35 employees and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.
For more information, please visit www.cellartis.com
Tel: +46 (0)31 7580900
Fax: +46 (0)31 7580910
E-mail: info@cellartis.com

About ITI Life Sciences
ITI Life Sciences is a unique and entrepreneurial organisation contributing to Scotland’s economical growth in life sciences; it aims to leverage Scotland's research excellence to develop new technologies targeting future market needs.
Publicly funded, but commercially driven, ITI Life Sciences funds and manages early stage technology research and development programmes in the life sciences arena. It selects programmes based on assessing future market needs, identifying technology opportunities, and responding to ideas, initiatives and proposals from the research and business communities. ITI Life Sciences works in collaboration with partners from industry, academia and the financial community.
ITI Life Sciences is one of three Intermediary Technology Institutes (ITIs) focused on important areas where Scotland has strong economic and business potential; the other areas are Techmedia and Energy.
ITI Life Sciences commenced full operations in April 2004. It plays a key part of Smart Successful Scotland, the Scottish Executive’s strategy for economic growth. ITI Life Sciences is based in Dundee, Scotland.
For more information, see www.itilifesciences.com


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