Technor's CellPoint Hires Senior Manager to Head WAP Innovation and Development Center for Mobile Internet Positioning A

Technor's CellPoint Hires Senior Manager to Head WAP Innovation and Development Center for Mobile Internet Positioning Applications STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - September 23, 1999 -- Technor International (NASD: TNOR; has announced further industry hires in senior management. "Per Bergqvist has been appointed director of our WAP Innovation and Development Center in Stockholm," said Hadar Cars, President of CellPoint Systems. "Under the direction of Per, the CellPoint competency group will focus on WAP applications built on the CellPoint positioning technology." WAP, or Wireless Application Protocol, is the foundation for the Mobile Internet. Per Bergqvist has an extensive background in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Solutions and research and development of end-user applications such as Unified Messaging, communication agents and intelligent terminals. He has been driving Ericsson's pre-WAP solutions which subsequently contributed to the WAP Standard. "Per's 11 years of experience at Ericsson have given him a unique, deep and broad knowledge of GSM. In the last two years, he invented the world's smallest full-featured cellular system (AXE 110, ml) and managed its design and development," said Cars. The WAP Innovation and Development Center is developing leading edge GSM positioning applications based on open standards such as SIM Toolkit, WAP and GPRS. "The key is to combine Positioning with WAP/SIM technologies in order to achieve truly user friendly and valuable services, such as location-based information, emergency services, advertising and Internet Messaging," said Per Bergqvist. "CellPoint's strength is that the solutions are available now and we will build further leading-edge applications quickly that will incorporate new standards and technologies as they're available." Technor International is a US company whose CellPoint System technology uses the Internet and cellular networks to determine physical locations of cellular phones and special purpose-designed cellular terminals. The positioning technology is similar to satellite-based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) but with the additional capability of determining location inside buildings, parking garages and other shielded areas such as inside a pocket or briefcase that are inaccessible to GPS systems. There are more than 200 million GSM subscribers worldwide. Technor's CellPoint system is currently the world's only commercially operational position-location technology; it is fully scalable, works with standard GSM phones and WAP phones in unmodified digital networks requiring no costly overlays, and can be coordinated worldwide from a remote central location. Technor International, Inc. will change its name to CellPoint Inc. effective October 4, 1999. For more information, please contact: Technor CellPoint North American International Systems Inquiries Inc. Tel: +46 8 5449 Hadar Cars, The Rowe Group 0000 President Fax: +46 8 5449 Tel: +46 8 877-880-1195 0005 5947 4900 info@technorinc.c Fax: +46 8 35 ajc@rowe- om 87 90 m m CellPoint and CellPoint Systems are trademarks of Technor International. Forward-looking statements in this release are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in any forward-looking statement. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ from those described. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: