World First for GSM Phone Positioning

World First for GSM Phone Positioning Commercial Services Launched Today by Scandinavian Operator Tele2 Stockholm, November 11 -- CellPoint Inc. (NASD: CLPT; announced the commercial availability of positioning services for standard cellular phones. Working with Tele2Mobil of Sweden, the CellPoint GSM positioning technology, applications and Internet services are now available to Swedish cellular phone users. The new service, called "Tele2Mobil Position", is based on the Resource Management Service from CellPoint Systems - the first commercially available, GSM-based positioning solution on the market. Tele2Mobil Position enables transport, security, service and sales organisations to be more efficient and to increase customer satisfaction by routing their vehicles and personnel more effectively. The CellPoint technology enables Tele2 to offer the positioning services using their existing network. "By not having to make any major investments, we can offer this service at a low cost, says Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, President of Tele2. "Tele2Mobil Position provides true value to us as well as the end-users. Not only do we want to provide top notch cellular services - equally important is to offer these at attractive prices, as with all our products and services." Uses Standard Cellular Phones "The fact that we are using a standard mobile phone and an Internet connection, something that most companies already have, makes this service suitable for volume sales as never seen before," says Hadar Cars, President of CellPoint Systems AB. "All companies can now afford to benefit from the advantages of using positioning services in the daily work. Security, Information and Messaging services based on cellular positioning will soon be widely available on the world market. This will give more cellular operators the opportunity to increase profits by differentiating their market offering and get new revenue streams." LBC Tureberg, a Stockholm-based transportation company, has tested the Resource Management Service. "The Resource Management Service is easy to use and enables the co-ordinators to plan and distribute the assignments in a very efficient way," says Michael Gahnström at LBC Tureberg. Above all, Mr. Gahnström wants to emphasize the economic advantages in using the service based on the CellPoint System. "With this service, we can better plan the routes and consequently optimize the usage of the trucks," Gahnström says. "We will always have the right truck at the right place, at the right time - saving time as well as money and increasing service levels." Fast and Easy Implementation "With Tele2's launch, we are confirming that CellPoint's value-added services are end-user services that are fast and easy to implement, and further that are based on a proven system that has been in commercial operation for three years," says Hadar Cars. "This will enable us to continue the international roll-out with yet another strong reference in our portfolio." CellPoint's value-added mobile services can be implemented with no modifications to the cellular network and launched in as little as three months. These services will provide strong differentiation for network operators because of the unique positioning services and CellPoint's leadership position in delivering location-based services that are ready to launch with proven technology. NetCom AB is a leading telecommunications company in Scandinavia. The Company was formed in 1993. It is engaged in GSM cellular business operations using the brand names of Comviq and Tele2.Mobil in Sweden, NetCom ASA in Norway and through affiliate Ritabell in Estonia. In the areas of public telecommunications, data communication services and Internet, NetCom operates Tele2 in Sweden, Tele2 A/S in Denmark and Tele2 Norge AS in Norway. NetCom also operates NätTeknik and Datametrix, specializing in systems integration, and Kabelvision, a Swedish cable TV services company. NetCom is listed both on the Stockholm Stock Exchange under the symbols NCOMA and NCOMB and on the Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NECS). CellPoint Inc. is a US company whose CellPoint System@ technology uses the Internet and cellular networks to determine physical locations of cellular phones. The positioning technology is similar to satellite-based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) but with the additional capability of determining location inside buildings, parking garages and other shielded areas such as inside a pocket or briefcase that are inaccessible to GPS systems. There are more than 200 million GSM subscribers worldwide. CellPoint system is currently the world's only commercially operational digital cellular position-location technology; it is fully scalable, works with standard GSM phones and WAP phones in unmodified digital networks requiring no costly overlays, and can be coordinated worldwide from a remote central location. CellPoint Inc. is traded on the NASD OTC BB under the symbol CLPT. 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