FMV and French DGA place order for Bonus

FMV and French DGA place order for Bonus FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration), together with DGA its French counterpart, have ordered preparation for series production of the intelligent, anti-armour artillery shell 155 BONUS from Bofors Weapon Systems and French GIAT Industries. The contract was signed on Wednesday. Together with its French partner, GIAT Industries, Bofors Weapon Systems have developed 155 BONUS in accordance with the order received in the autumn 1993. The order now received comes after Bofors/GIAT issued a successful report on the checkpoint which constituted a "green light" for preparation for series production. The order is for approximately MSEK 100 which is divided between the companies. - This is an important order which demonstrates that the BONUS project is proceeding according to plan. Cooperation between Bofors Weapon Systems and GIAT has been very successful and could be used as a model for similar cooperation projects in other areas. We will see more cooperation projects within the EU and Celsius is open to such a development. More open trade with defence materials within the EU based on standard commercial terms increases our marketing possibilities, comments Celsius Group President and CEO, Lars G. Josefsson. The order now received is regarded as extremely significant as it signals that FMV-DGA intend to complete the entire project which means that the order for series production will be placed in accordance with plans during 1999. This order can be of considerable proportions. At the same time, the order means that Bofors/GIAT can start to discuss business seriously with other customers who have shown interest in 155 BONUS. For further information, please contact Celsius Group President and CEO, Lars G. Josefsson, telephone +46 8 463 00 00 or the Celsius Head of Corporate Communications, Kjell Göthe, telephone +46 8 463 00 19 or +46 70 583 95 44. Celsius is an advanced-technology international industrial group, with domestic markets in the Nordic countries, the U.S.A. and Australia. Firmly founded on a comprehensive joint technological base, operations focus primarily on three priority areas: Defence, Commercial Aviation Services and Business Development, which currently comprises materials technology, explosives and infomatics. With annual sales of approximately SEK 12 billion, the Celsius Group numbers some 11,000 employees.