CenseoHealth Announces the Renaming of its Flagship Advanced Evaluation™ to CareConsult™

- Brand transition reflects expanding commitment to physician-based, in-home consultations 

DALLAS, TX, – (March 28, 2012) – CenseoHealth, a pioneer in physician home consultations, announced today it has renamed its Advanced Evaluation™ service, an in-home health assessment of an insurer’s qualifying population, to CareConsult™. The name “CareConsult” better reflects the Company’s long-term objective: ensuring that health insurance plans provide high-quality, cost-effective health care by placing physicians at an underutilized site of care – the home. CareConsult will continue to offer a convenient and positive interaction centered on improving member health care quality.

“Physician home consultations conducted by a dedicated team of qualified doctors improve the quality of care for members in ways traditional health care channels cannot,” said Dr. Jack McCallum, CEO of CenseoHealth. “When plans send a physician into a member’s home, the doctor can evaluate issues not visible in a traditional clinical setting, including in-home risks like falling, medication management and food availability. Evaluation of these factors helps present a clear and thorough picture of the member’s health and well-being. The patient’s primary care provider is then able to use the complete diagnostic picture provided by CareConsult to deliver comprehensive care more efficiently.”

CareConsult is designed to positively impact the members’ quality of care from the home setting by fostering improved communication between individuals and their primary care providers. During the 45-60 minute consultation, one of CenseoHealth’s 10,000 licensed physicians will review the member’s medical history and medications; conduct simple lab tests; identify gaps in care and health risks; and answer questions. The data collected is then shared with members’ primary care providers who use the information to improve patient outcomes and enhance health care delivery and quality.    

"In addition to collecting data unique to the home setting, CareConsult physicians develop rapport with the member which can influence the individual’s future health care utilization,” added Dr. McCallum. “After a retrospective review of over 50,000 physician home consultations, CenseoHealth’s CareConsult resulted in an overall 13.3 percent reduction in hospital, outpatient, emergency and critical care utilization. Our research proves this patient-centric service both reduces health care costs and improves health care quality concurrently.”

About CenseoHealth

CenseoHealth’s mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between health plans and their members by providing tailored solutions resulting in high-quality, cost-effective health care. The Company’s suite of services is anchored by CareConsult™, an in-home health consultation conducted by one of the Company’s 10,000 licensed physicians that results in improved member engagement, more accurate diagnoses, and more informed primary care providers. CareConnect™ and CareCurrent™ expand CenseoHealth’s breadth of support and subsequently assist health plans in their effort to close gaps in care and mitigate audit risk. For more information please visit www.censeohealth.com

Nicole Terranella
Director of Marketing, CenseoHealth