CERATIZIT 3x3 – the new complete package for steel turning introduced at AMB

Economical combination of carbide grade and chip groove for every machining situation

CERATIZIT Austria GmbH, AT-Reutte/Tyrol, 13 September 2016

With the CERATIZIT 3x3, Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT is introducing a user-friendly concept at AMB which intelligently combines carbide grades and chip grooves – making a quick selection of the most economical solution for the turning of steel possible. The carbide manufacturer will also have the MaxiMill 491 90° shoulder milling system on display along with other new products from their standard portfolio.

With the introduction of the new -F50 chip groove, Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT completes its revised programme for the turning of steel. The innovative complete package under the name CERATIZIT 3x3 offers a seamlessly well-structured portfolio which ensures a user-friendly experience when selecting the most economical inserts solution. Tailored combinations of three chip grooves and three carbide grades made for the finishing and up to the roughing of steel materials, covering all market requirements – even in peripheral applications. “With our CERATIZIT 3x3, everyone can quickly find the optimal product for their steel turning application,” said Andreas Schätzl, Head of Stationary Tools, Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT.

Three chip grooves – one solution for every application

The CERATIZIT 3x3 optimises the current product range for steel turning applications thanks to three chip grooves: the -F50 for finishing, the -M50 for medium machining as well as the -M70 for roughing. This intelligent combination was made possible thanks to the newly-introduced -F50 chip groove, and has led to both a well-structured and comprehensive portfolio. The chip groove for finishing provides optimum chip control and the ground contact face guarantees high stability of the insert in the insert seat. The sharp edge makes for a smooth cut, meaning a reduced cutting force that leads to lower power consumption on the spindle. “This portfolio makes steel machining fun and enjoyable,” finds Andreas Schätzl. “Thanks to the CERATIZIT 3x3, customers can reduce costs and inventory levels while increasing production efficiency at the same time,” adds Dr Uwe Schleinkofer, Head of Development at Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT. The three chip grooves are perfectly adapted to each respective machining situation, which makes a quick and application-oriented selection of the right insert possible. Dr Schleinkofer: “Complex was yesterday, well-structured is now.”

Grade trio increases productivity

The new concept combines a total of three carbide grades with three chip grooves. With it, the operator can cover all application ranges in steel machining: the highly wear-resistant BLACKSTAR TM  CTCP115 grade optimises tool life, allowing manufacturing productivity to be greatly improved by increasing the cutting parameters. BLACKSTAR TM  CTCP125 is made to be a universal grade for all applications, particularly for medium machining in slightly interrupted cut. The tough COLORSTAR TM  CTCP135 grade completes the trio as the specialist for interrupted cut and difficult conditions, all while guaranteeing maximum process security.

The latest in shoulder milling and the standard product portfolio

In Hall 2 at Stand B06, CERATIZIT is additionally putting the new shoulder milling system on display that was recently introduced to the market: with the MaxiMill 491, CERATIZIT is exploring new avenues in technological terms. The milling system with precision inserts and eight usable cutting edges produces side wall profiles of exactly 90°, saves tool changing times and guarantees reduced vibration and a smooth cut with low power consumption for long tool life and high-quality surfaces.

Additional product highlights and updates

Product highlights from Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT at the AMB are the successful MaxiDrill 900 and recently developed products and programme extensions of the standard product portfolio. One of these is the innovative new cermet grade COLORSTAR TM CTEP110 with a multi-layer Al 2 0 3 coating of the latest technology. For the very first time, this cermet grade combines the hardness and wear resistance of a cermet cutting material with the toughness of a carbide.

Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT at AMB: 13 to 17 September,
Hall 2, Stand B06
, Messe Stuttgart.


-F50 Spanleitstufe/chip groove:

Chip groove -F50 for finishing


Chip groove -F50 for finishing in the BLACKSTAR TM  CTCP115 grade


Chip groove -M50 for medium machining in the BLACKSTAR TM CTCP125 grade


Chip groove -M70 for roughing in the COLORTAR TM  CTCP135 grade

Andreas Schaetzl:

Andreas Schätzl, Head of Stationary Tools, Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT 

Uwe Schleinkofer:

Dr Uwe Schleinkofer, Head of Development, Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT

MaxiMill 491_Shoulder Milling System_1:

MaxiMill 491 shoulder milling system with precision inserts with eight usable cutting edges in the carbide grades BLACKSTAR TM  and SILVERSTAR TM

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This portfolio makes steel machining fun and enjoyable.
Andreas Schätzl, Head of Stationary Tools at Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT
Complex was yesterday, well-structured is now.
Dr Uwe Schleinkofer, Head of Development at Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT