CESA Supports Charity Catering Equipment Initiative

Trade association supports industry initiative, led by Hobart and Meiko, by encouraging its members to join the campaign to donate surplus catering equipment to UK charities.

CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, has added its support to the initiative that is encouraging manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to give redundant and quality second-hand catering equipment to cash-strapped charities. The two companies behind the initiative, Hobart and Meiko, have already donated £5,000 to establish the project. They are now calling on other CESA members to follow their example by registering to become part of the network that can make equipment available. The support does not need to be financial.

Nick Oryino, CESA chair, has welcomed the initiative on behalf of the association.  “With the economic downturn continuing to bite, these types of organisations need our help more than ever. We applaud the efforts of Hobart and Meiko in getting the wheels in motion and call upon our members to do all they can to get involved and show the very best of the catering equipment industry.”

Essentially the scheme will respond to requests and match the needs of a charity with available second hand equipment. It will work with companies to form a network of suitable stock held at a company’s premises, organise its transportation and also its installation. The idea is to provide a matchmaking service across the industry, based on the goodwill of the supply chain and the provision of 'no charge' services at all levels.

CEDA and FCSI will also be adding to the momentum of the campaign by urging their members to participate.

The initiative originated from informal discussions between Hobart and Meiko with a view to establishing a central database of available equipment with the administration to be handled centrally and funded by contributions from supporters. Both companies agree that the time is right for the catering equipment fraternity to stand united and help to make a difference to those charitable organisations that have been hardest hit by cuts to their funding. 

Organisations wishing to find out more should contact Hobart or Meiko directly:

Contact Details:

Dave Riley

Hobart UK

Southgate Way

Orton Southgate



Email: David.riley@hobartuk.com

Tel: 07967 747208

Bill Downie

Meiko UK Limited

393 Edinburgh Avenue




Email: BDownie@meiko-uk.co.uk   

Tel. 07836 581606

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