Cevian Capital L.P. reduces its ownership in Intrum Justitia AB

Please be advised that Cevian Capital L.P has sold 3,800,000 shares in Intrum Justitia AB. After the transaction, Cevian Capital L.P. owns 1,662,612 shares corresponding to 2.08% of the capital and the total number of votes in Intrum Justitia AB. As earlier announced, senior managers and board members of Intrum Justitia AB have acquired call options, currently corresponding to a total of 565,000 shares in Intrum Justitia AB, from Cevian Capital L.P. If all options are exercised, Cevian Capital L.P. will own shares corresponding to 1.37% of the capital and of the total number of votes of Intrum Justitia AB. For further information please contact Lars Förberg (Tel + 41 55 417 46 27)