A highly-specialised business that utilises ancient scientific skills to manufacture equipment used at the cutting edge of science and medicine has flourished since moving into new premises and secured a slot on prime-time TV.

BioChem Glass (Apparatus) Ltd is one of just a handful of UK firms that specialises in scientific glassblowing, in fact anyone in the world who has had a blood test will have benefited from products produced by the company. Finding suitable premises for such a unique business to operate from was no easy task, and BioChem moved into an industrial unit in Milton Keynes custom-built and managed by Bucks-Biz Business Centres. According to Biochem’s Managing Director, Will Fludgate, MK: TWO in Milton Keynes has proved the perfect base. Management and staff at Bucks-Biz Business Centres have gone out of their way to ensure his business had everything it needs. “Three years ago we needed to move premises and looking around there were not a lot of places that could provide the right combination of space, facilities and security,” he explained. “Fortunately I met with Joe Muscat as he was developing the MK:TWO Business Centre and when I explained the unique nature of the business he was only too happy to help.” The success of BioChem since its move to MK: TWO has not gone unnoticed. The company that produces a wide range of glass-based scientific apparatus – including reaction vessels, condensers, distillation tubes and sample tubes used in blood analysis equipment – is soon to be featured in a flagship science programme on UK television. “Glassblowers really are the unsung heroes of science – without them many of the most important scientific discoveries wouldn’t have been made,” Will added. Although details of Will’s appearance on the science show are being kept under wraps until shortly before broadcast in the New Year, the fact that he is featuring on primetime television reflects the regard in which the business is held and the importance of glass blowers to the scientific world. Commented Bucks-Biz Managing Director Joe Muscat: “We are delighted to have Will and BioChem operating from one of our business centres, they really do provide an excellent example of how highly-skilled manufacturers can thrive in a suitable environment. We are also pleased that one of our units will soon be featured on prime-time television!” A key factor in Will’s decision to move to MK:TWO was the availability of a three phase electricity supply as well as its easy access to the national motorway network. “Because we are one of just a handful of scientific glass blowers, our products need to be transported around the country and even internationally,” continued Will. “MK: TWO also has excellent bays for incoming raw materials as well as loading finished products.”


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