A remanufactured Renaissance for the 21st Century

The recently held ‘Reman Renaissance’ conference, held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, gave remanufacturers an opportunity to discuss the issues affecting automotive remanufacturing companies. It was also a chance to define the all- important strategies for the remanufacturing sector’s future.

An impressive line up of speakers, some from the remanufacturing industry, but others from industry analysts and academia, all saw positive benefits, for the industry, consumers and the environment, from the activities of remanufacturing companies.  However, as emphasised by Dr. Winifred Ijomeh of Strathclyde University, the key to all remanufacturing processes is ‘profit’ itself!

Dr. Ijomeh’s expertise in industrial process modelling illustrated some of the key factors in efficiently remanufacturing products; and not just automotive products of course. Other speakers from reman companies clearly had a good story to tell on both efficiency and business advantage for the remanufactured product. 

A recent study carried out by industry analysis consultants ICDP in co-operation with the IAAF showed some of the perceptions of remanufacturing amongst customers, both trade and retail (the motoring consumers). The perception was, at best, doubtful, with a clear case from the survey, of a need to be assured as to the quality of remanufactured products.

This perception coloured the lively discussion session in the afternoon, with IAAF President Nick Best musing that, following the success of the ‘Right to Repair’ and ‘Right to Choose’ campaigns, perhaps something along the lines of a ‘Right to Reman’ campaign was needed?

There is a call for remanufacturers to provide their prospective customers with more specific answers to the need for reassurance, which they clearly expressed.

The IAAF has recently established an ‘Automotive Remanufacturing Group’ on the social network site ‘LinkedIn’ to facilitate discussion amongst interested parties in the remanufacturing world.  A link to the group page can be found HERE.

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Editor’s notes:

The ‘Reman Renaissance’ event was a jointly hosted event by the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER) and the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF).  It was held on Thursday 3rd May 2012 held at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire.

Attendance was free for FER and IAAF members, and the event was kindly sponsored by FPS Distribution.