A1 Motor Stores offer AlcoSense- essential kit if you are travelling to France.

From the 1st of July 2012 it is illegal to drive in France without a breathalyser in your car. To comply with the law you must have an NF approved device, not just any breathalyser will do.

The AlcoSense Single NF is the only product available in the UK to comply with the French NF (NF is the French equivalent to the UK BSI Kite Mark breathalyser standard).

AlcoSense Singles use a small blow bag to make sure the right volume of deep-lung air passes through the tester. Too little air equals a falsely low reading, too much equals a falsely high reading. Having the blow bag eliminates this issue and helps to give you one of the most accurate disposable breathalyser readings in the marketplace.

Patented crystals inside the tube change colour from yellow to green in the presence of alcohol. The further up the graduated tube the green colour appears the greater the concentration of alcohol the user has in their system. As the green colour change passes each line, you’ve passed each limit.

The French Transport Ministry advises carrying two so, in the event of one being used, another is still available. This will include UK motorists travelling in or through the country.

Derrick Lawton, CEO at A1 Motor Stores added: “A1 Motor Stores offer customers the strength of a national chain but with the service of an independent. Our aim is to develop product propositions to align the needs of our customers. For the best range, immediate availability, competitive prices and offers topped with great customer service and advice you cannot beat pop into your local A1 branch or order online. Order yours now- twin pack only £4.99 at www.a1motorstores.co.uk. If you carry the wrong type of breathalyser without an NF mark it’s as good as not having one at all in the eyes of the Gendarmerie.”

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