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During the build up to the consumer launch of the Approved Garages Network, GROUPAUTO UK & Ireland Ltd (GROUPAUTO), has gradually been putting into action the various elements of its plan to ensure the success of the project in the shortest possible timeframe.

One of these important elements is the deployment of a team from the TRO marketing group to visit the garages nominated for the programme and complete the final sign up procedure to bring them into the network.

“Once the GROUPAUTO team have presented the Approved Garages initiative and further explained the finer details that underpin it, they hand over the garages that wish to be a part of the network to the girls from TRO,” said GROUPAUTO’s marketing manager, Chris Chaplin.

“TRO’s responsibility is to collect the contracts on behalf of Approved Garages and Motor Codes, and to ensure that the details of the garage that will appear on their page on the Approved Garages website – - are correct.

“Each member of the TRO team is fully conversant with the details of the Approved Garages Network and as part of our commitment to the project and to enable the girls to visit the garages looking to join it, we have also invested in three support vehicles that carry bold Approved Garages livery and provide a powerful visual impact which will elevate the brand to consumer and trade alike.

“We believe that rolling out this latest element in the plan, which runs alongside the consumer facing promotion we have agreed with Donington Park circuit and the recruitment of Phil Seymour as the network manager, will help us to achieve the goals we have set for the development of the network in advance of its consumer launch.”

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Notes for editors

Approved Garages is a not-for-profit programme that has substantial funding from GROUPAUTO, GROUPAUTO members and a number of high quality aftermarket parts suppliers, all of whom are committed to the long-term goal of improving the quality of the service that motorists receive from the independent sector.

Although the garages in the network are not obligated to buy all the products offered by these part suppliers, they jointly believe they will benefit over the long-term as the Approved Garages network grows and the culture of the independent sector changes from one that has used any old part to one that specifies quality parts for its repairs.

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