Goodyear’s radical new-technology power transmission belt range with its unique warranty is set to change the face of the belt sector in UK.

Goodyear Europe has long offered a wide range of quality products for high-power engines in the belt sector. Now, the legendary automotive brand introduces its new Gatorback belts into the UK, to cope with the growing demands of engines and redefine standards in the belt market place. As of January, Goodyear - through UK distributors, FAI Automotive PLC - will offer the Gatorback as an alternative to the long established Poly V belts. The patented Gatorback technology – which has quickly seen it rise to market leadership in the USA – has several major advantages over traditional Poly V Belts: The profile and construction of Gatorback offers more permanent contact on pulleys: it offers substantial reductions in noise with resultant increased levels of environmental “friendliness”. It is designed to be self-cleaning, stretch & crack resistant and therefore delivers a notably increased lifetime – often up to three times that of a standard Poly V belt. Goodyear’s ”Fit & Relax” Warranty – now further extended on Gatorback One of the key features of Goodyear Belts has long been their "Fit & Relax" Warranty, which is the most complete scheme yet offered by a belt manufacturer. For its Gatorback range, Goodyear has extended its usual two-year warranty cover to an unprecedented three years or 60,000 km. Should any genuine Goodyear belt suffer an ‘honest’ and ‘fair’ failure during the warranty period, Goodyear will pay to repair the engine – parts and labour! “As far as we are aware this is a completely unique offer in the sector and a first for Goodyear, which we very proud and excited to be able to offer our customers,” comments Product Manager, Michael Dieckmann. “The Gatorback range will come in at an extremely competitive price and with a host of great reasons for installers and factors alike to switch to it.” Gatorback technology has been honed in the heat of motorsport competition and the belts already have multiple Le Mans 24 Hours outright victories in recent years – as well as being the official choice of NASCAR. Goodyear engineered products comply with generally accepted specifications and can be used for OE and replacement installations. The Gatorback range is available for a wide spread of popular modern engines and will cover most new engines, going forward. Development and marketing of the products is jointly conducted by a group of competent experts with years of experience, whose knowledge is constantly upgraded by following the latest technological discoveries in the field of power transmission products. Goodyear has just published its latest catalogue, which reflects some major recent developments in the Goodyear belt offer and includes full details of the Gatorback range. The launch of the Gatorback will be supported by a national trade PR and advertising campaign, which will continue throughout 2011. Goodyear Belts are distributed in the UK through FAI Automotive and more info can be found on FAI’s website : <>