John Stone, 33, a fire protection engineer from Kent, is still brimming with confidence after being crowned UK Worker of the Year in 2010.

UK Worker of the Year is a competition set up by Workwear brand Dickies to recognise and reward the UK workforce and is now about to launch in its fourth year. John, who won a car by entering the free competition in 2010, has urged the local community to enter the competition. 

UK Worker of the Year 2013, which launched 15thApril 2013, will be sponsored by Dickies, in association with Suzuki. The winner of the competition this year will have the privilege to choose between a Suzuki car or bike.

Maurice Morton, sales and marketing manager at Dickies, who presented John Stone with his trophy in 2010, said: “John’s absolute love of his job and his ability to sell both himself and what he does came shining through. He certainly did his hometown proud. We hope to find a winner in 2013 just as deserving as John was in 2010.”

With UK Worker of the Year 2013 about to kick start, John spoke about the impact the competition has had on his life three years on. He said: ““Winning and being recognised in the way that I was has resulted in a real burst of confidence. I’ve always loved what I do but even my company, Thameside Fire Protective Limited, have said that they’ve noticed an added bounce about me since winning UK Worker of the Year - so much so that I’ve now been offered a manager’s position by the company.”

“People should enter UK Worker of the Year because it’s a fantastic competition and workers in the UK don’t get recognised for their hard work and achievements. This competition actually champions our workforce in the UK, so you have to give credit to Dickies for that. Wherever I go I encourage people to enter the competition and tell them about my experience in 2010. I know a lot of eyebrows are raised about a free competition giving away a free car but it is true and I’m proof that you can win something that can change your life. It wasn’t just about winning the car but also getting to meet people who have become real friends of mine. I still keep in touch with the finalists of my year and also the people I’ve met at more recent events.”

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Editors’ Notes


UK Worker of the Year searches for workers who exemplify what doing a good job is all about organised by workwear giant, Dickies.

The winner of the 2013 competition, which will be announced on 18thOctober 2013, will have a choice of whether to take home a Suzuki car or a Suzuki bike.

UK Worker of the Year is free to enter and is open to any UK worker aged 17 or over at the commencement of the competition.


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