General Synod to reconvene next week

On Tuesday 20 October at 3 pm, the General Synod of Church of Sweden will reconvene in Uppsala. The second session will begin with a debate with questions at Universitetshuset in Uppsala.

The debate on marriage and weddings will be held on Wednesday 21 October, and a decision on the issue will be made on the morning of Thursday 22 October. Directly after the decision has been adopted, a press conference will be held at Universitetshuset with Archbishop Anders Wejryd and Chairman Gunnar Sibbmark. A separate invitation will be sent out in due course. The General Synod’s second session will take place from 20 to 23 October 2009. 251 members will meet in plenary session and make decisions on the 63 reports that eight committees presented during the first session in September. The reports are available on the General Synod’s website – see below. Accreditation Journalists and photographers who wish to cover the General Synod must have accreditation by 19 October at the latest. The accreditation must contain the reporter’s/photographer’s name, phone number, e-mail address, editorial office with web address, and the name and phone number of the editor-in-chief. E-mail these to: Accreditation documents can be collected from the Synod Desk at Universitetshuset, to the right of the main entrance. Important links: The General Synod’s website contains pictures, programmes, reports, motions and communications. You can also watch the General Synod live at: The agenda showing the order in which the issues will be discussed is available at: Programme for the 2009 General Synod Tuesday 20 October 3 pm – 6 pm The General Synod’s negotiations are resumed Tabling, debate with questions, working session Wednesday 21 October 8.15 am Morning service in the Cathedral 10.30 am – 7 pm Working session Thursday 22 October 8.15 am Morning service in the Cathedral 10.30 am – 10 pm Working session Friday 23 October 9 am – 2 pm Working session, possible by-election Conclusion of the General Synod 3 pm – 4 pm Service in the Cathedral, Bishop Tony Guldbrandzén


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