Observer AB (publ) Year-end report January–December 2006

Strengthened revenue growth. Further savings measures.

- Operating profit amounted to SEK –612 million (175) and profit before tax was SEK –679 million (117). Profit after tax amounted to SEK –743 million (79), while earnings per share amounted to SEK –9.99 (1.12).

- Operating profit includes goodwill write-downs of SEK 759 million, of which SEK 290 million during the fourth quarter, as well as restructuring expenses of SEK 57 million, of which SEK 23 million during the fourth quarter.

- Excluding goodwill write-downs and restructuring expenses, operating profit rose by 16 percent to SEK 204 million (175) and the operating margin to 11 percent (10). In the fourth quarter underlying operating profit amounted to SEK 32 million (44), including non-recurring expenses of SEK 21 million in the UK, and the operating margin was 7 percent (9).

- The Group’s operating revenue increased by 8 percent to SEK 1,915 million (1,776). Organic growth in local currency was 4 percent (2). In the fourth quarter organic growth reached 4 percent (2).

- Cash flow from operating activities amounted to SEK 171 million (164). Cash flow after investments excluding acquisitions amounted to SEK 79 million (72).

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