Clas Ohlson sales development in October

Sales rose 3% in October to SEK 504 M (490). In local currencies, sales increased 7%. Compared with the same month in 2009, 15 stores have been added and the total number of stores on October 31 2010 was 126. Mail order/Internet sales during the month was SEK 8 M (9).

Sales channels (SEK M):

                                                         Percentage             Percentage change,

Countries                                          change:                  local currency:

Sweden                250  (242)                     + 3%                  + 3%

Norway                199  (203)                     - 2%                   + 6%

Finland                  37    (39)                     - 5%                   + 5%

UK                         18      (6)                     + 205%             + 214%

Total sales during the first six months (May-October 2010) increased by 4% to SEK 2 759 M (2 661).

The interim report for the second quarter for 2010/11 will be published on December 14 2010.

For more information please contact:

Klas Balkow, CEO and President: +46 (0)247-447 55

John Womack, Director Information & IR: +46 (0)247-444 05

Clas Ohlson AB is a Swedish chain store that sells, amongst other things, hardware, electrical, multimedia, and home and leisure products. It is the largest hardware chain in Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1918 by the technically-minded Clas Ohlson (1895–1979), as a mail order business based in the Swedish village of Insjön, Dalarna. Initially, only manuals and technical literature were sold. He opened his first shop in Insjön in 1926 and there are now stores throughout Sweden, as well as in Norway and Finland. In 2008, the company opened its first store in the United Kingdom, in Croydon, south London. There are now stores at the Arndale Centre in Manchester, at The Harlequin in Watford, in Kingston upon Thames, Reading, Liverpool and Leeds.


About Us

Clas Ohlson was founded in 1918 as a mail order business in Insjön, Sweden. Today we are a retail company with customers in five markets, approximately 5,000 co-workers and annual sales of approximately 8 billion SEK. Our share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. A lot has happened since the start in 1918, but one thing has remained the same over the years; that we want to help and inspire people to improve their everyday lives by offering smart, simple, practical solutions at attractive prices. Visit to read about our passion for simplifying life in all kinds of homes.


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