Clas Ohlson to be main sponsor of Olympic rower Lassi Karonen

Clas Ohlson will support Olympic rower Lassi Karonen and his bid to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The cooperation will extend from 2008 through 2012 and will mean, among other activities, that Lassi will be employed at Clas Ohlson, where he will work with such aspects as staff training, keep-fit activities, marketing and in the store. “We want to support Lassi’s 2012 Olympic bid in London,” says Klas Balkow, President and CEO of Clas Ohlson. “Clas Ohlson and Lassi have much in common with regard to origin and future plans, with a focus on London and the UK as the next step. His humble attitude and target-oriented approach is also well-matched with the Clas Ohlson spirit and what we represent. Consequently, he will be an excellent role model and representative for the company – both internally and externally,” adds Balkow. Lassi Karonen secured a sixth-place finish at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and has now decided to adopt a wholehearted approach to the 2012 Olympics in London. Lassi will be employed at Clas Ohlson in Insjön, in the region of Dalarna. Lassi will work part-time to create the optimal conditions for his training and competitions up until the Olympics in 2012. “I am very pleased with the cooperation with Clas Ohlson and to become a part of the company” says Lassi Karonen. “Since I was brought up here in the Dalarna region, it is particularly gratifying to receive support from a company that I know and like so well. As an employee at Clas Ohlson, I will be able to test different roles in the company and will have the opportunity to meet many people, including employees, customers and others who have a relationship with the company. “I plan on giving 100 percent to my London Olympics challenge. In cooperation with my trainer Per ‘Pliggen’ Andersson, Clas Ohlson and my other sponsors, I will have the support I require to be well-prepared ahead of the Olympics. I am also pleased to have secured a job so that I can develop my professional skills in parallel with my sport,” adds Lassi. Images can be downloaded at For further information, contact: Klas Balkow, President and CEO: +46 (0)247-444 00 John Womack, Director of information and IR: +46 (0)70-678 24 99 Lassi Karonen: +46 (0)73-656 61 02

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