​Simon Cowell fixer to launch killer IPhone App to help people with business and social deal making and negotiations



Learn how to negotiate like a professional


Monday 8th November:  A new killer IPhone App based on the insights of a professional negotiator from the world of entertainment looks set to revolutionise how we negotiate both in our business and daily lives.

Music Visionary and digital pioneer, Clive Rich has taken his 25 years experience working with the likes of Simon Cowell, Sony, My Space and The Royal Opera House to develop a unique App which will help you get more of what you want when making business deals, selling your car or even buying a house.

“Close My Deal” is a portable confidence boosting toolkit for anyone involved in deal making and negotiating - skills which are seldom taught or practiced yet fundamental to any individual’s life or business.   It will train you on professional deal-making techniques – giving you practical tools and confidence to be used everyday. 

The App (which is packed with video content, practical advice and tips) will coach you on how to handle difficult people and situations and will empower your inner winner. “Close My Deal”, which comes with an e-book training manual and various fun tools to manage multiple deals, will help you discover your own personal strengths and weaknesses and perfect your personal negotiating style. 

 It comes with 6 killer features: -

  • a profiler to chart your personal negotiating style
  • a how to win step-by-step guide to developing professional negotiating skills;
  • a tough guy emergency service for combating bully boys and stop them in their tracks; a game plan to help you take control and get a better win;
  • a practical coach/ problem solving tool for showing you why negotiations go wrong;
  • a ‘who holds the aces’ tool to help you analyse the balance of negotiating power so you can play to win.

On the launch Clive Rich commented, "we all negotiate pretty much 24/7 in today's fast-moving and inter-connected world.  Everybody needs collaboration to succeed in this global economy with the best partnership deals being done by the best negotiators.  This is the one App that will help you make deals happen and win on your terms”. 

Rich who masterminded record company BMG’s most successful ever-executive “Negotiation Training Programme” added,” ‘Close My Deal’ is designed to highlight the fact that the process of negotiation is complex with many factors affecting the outcome – from environment, and attitude to the behaviour of those involved.  This will help demystify the process and give you that added advantage”.

 “Close My Deal” is available for the ITunes App Store and is free for the first month after launch.  Then it will be priced £2.99.





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