The value of rapid response residential security solutions

Most residential burglaries in the UK take less than ten minutes.

Professional burglars are extremely adept at finding a way into your property and locating the most valuable possessions suitable for removal, before making an escape in minutes.

At CMS Keyholding we know how devastating residential break-ins can be and understand the need for a speedy response.  It is for this reason we provide Rapid Response Security for both residential and commercial buildings.

How does it work?
At CMS Keyholding we have a number of highly experienced and trusted security professionals known as Key Guards.  

As well as advanced security training and carrying the latest equipment available, all operatives are proficient motorcyclists, allowing them to reach your property quickly, even during periods of heavy traffic. 

Exclusive use of motorbikes was a technique pioneered by CMS Keyholding to ensure consistent rapid response times and maximise success.

We aim for our Key Guard fleet to be dispatched immediately after being alerted by the property’s alarm and catching the burglar inside the house or attempting to escape the scene.

With 4 different locations across the whole of London and the South East, we can cover a wide number of areas efficiently. See locations in image.

Can the CMS Keyholding Rapid Response Service be used for other emergencies?
There are a number of other situations in which our Rapid Response Service can be extremely useful. 

In the event of a gas leak, flood or power outage, we can contact the relevant engineer or professional while remaining on site to minimise damage or wastage.

Having a security presence and providing peace of mind and protection from prowlers or trespassers are also common reasons for callout.

Getting locked out happens frequently and is extremely frustrating. We can get you back into your property quickly and painlessly.

Learn more about our Rapid Response Service . We are happy to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We are also happy to answer any questions or provide further information. Please see our company information below.

For further information about CMS Keyholding call 020 7627 0344 or visit our website at

About CMS Keyholding

CMS Keyholding was established in 1989 and is an SIA accredited Company providing professional Keyholding and Alarm Response services at all times.

As a Banham Group Company dedicated to looking after you and your property, CMS have full access to all assets and services offered by our parent company, ensuring our services are fast, premium and efficient. Furthermore, our highly skilled and licensed Key Guards deliver a service that we believe to be unparalleled in this sector.