B&B Tools moves forward with ComActivity

B&B Tools moves forward with ComActivity to automate the product and price information process, and improve the data quality. The solution provides greater flexibility, usability and a higher degree of automation than before. Efficient product data and price management is essential for providing the right product with a stipulated price that ensures a profit margin on every order.

With a product offering exceeding 500.000 products, B&B Tools is one of the largest suppliers of industry consumables, industrial components and related services on the Nordic market. B&B Tools customers demand a high product and product usage competence as well as a high level of efficiency in the service provided. Working with large quantities of products, obtaining and managing all product related information and data is vital to B&B Tools’ success. BT Tools had lived with a proprietary, stand alone software solution for importing the product and price information from the suppliers. Since the need for a more rapid, functional and flexible management of the data with direct integration to the ERP system, M3/Movex, B&B Tools assessed the major system integrators and their solutions. - We investigated what some of the big system integrators had to offer us and also started collaboration with one of them, says Bengt Holmgren, Project Manager at B&B Tools. - We quickly got confidence in what ComActivity could offer us, Bengt Holmgren continues. It was apparent that we were working with a company who had the tools and the business specific understanding we required. The majority of ComActivitys employees have many years of experience in enterprise system development and several of them have been in charge of the development of Movex. Since previous solutions used by B&B Tools did not meet the need for flexibility and usability, ComActivity focused on automating as much as possible in order to only give the involved users assignments to work with the data where they actually had to be involved. The rest is managed automatically in the background. Everything is controlled and monitored by the executing workflow. - Based on the complex requirements description we got from B&B Tools, we could rapidly reach a solution thanks to our model-based development, says Rikard KH Trozell, Solution Architect at ComActivity. The basic thesis of ComActivitys solution-oriented model is that: Business Solutions should give users what they want when they want it. Business Solutions should not be based on other people’s requirements. The solution should be delivered in the way the customer wants it. Too much is counter-productive and too little is insufficient. Only balanced functions with high flexibility is "perfect". For more information, please contact Magnus Grönvik Sälj- och marknadschef, ComActivity Tel: +46 704 806088 E-post: magnus.gronvik@comactivity.net Bengt Holmgren Manager Information System Development, B&B Tools Tel: +46 (0)8 660 10 30 E-post: bengt.holmgren@bb.se Facts about B&B Tools UNITED FOR INDUSTRIAL EFFICIENCY B&B TOOLS provides the industrial and construction sectors in northern Europe with industrial consumables, industrial components and related services. The Group currently has annual revenue of approximately SEK 9.3 billion and approximately 2,900 employees. www.bb.se


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