Spendrups develops their product launch process with ComActivity

Spendrups develops and streamlines the process for product launch using ComActivity business process platform. Thereby By doing so, Spendrups has received a development tool that provides support for BPM / Workflow, Web-based user interface and ready-made connections to Spendrups ERP system, M3/Movex.

PRESSRELEASE 15 September 2009 The Product Launch Process at Spendrups involves many people from different departments. Every year hundreds of products are being launched and there are big profits to be made by being able to monitor and control the process. A product launch process that is well coordinated and timely is a good starting point for creating both demand and efficient supply. The process involves various steps including development of new products, profit/ loss calculation, decisions for introduction and governance of basic data. - Previously it has been difficult to control these types of processes and to know when when the work can be done and what work has not yet started. There is too much of mailing and duplication of work with updating of information in both Excel and in the various systems. With the help of ComActivity Business Process Platform, we now have a SOA-based solution that makes the whole process is held together with workflow, simple web-based user interface and integration of the various business systems, "says Fredrik Spendrup, CIO Spendrups Bryggeri AB. - There are many workflow platforms on the market. The reason that we chose ComActivity’s platform is that it provides ready-made connections to our ERP system, M3/Movex, and that it can serve as our SOA enabling integration platform for other systems, "says Johan Carlsson, Head of IT-Development at Spendrups Bryggeri AB. - To visualize and control business processes is very important and is also one of ComActivity strengths. Our customers feel that ComActivity can deliver user-friendly solutions that are easy to change and that provide significant benefit immediately. With the help of ComActivity Business Process Platform, we can offer our customers additions to their existing systems with ready-made connections to their business application, for example M3/Movex. Thereby, we can create new possibilities to add workflows, a simplified user interface, new functionality and therefore give support to more processes in the company, says Magnus Grönvik, Vice President Sales and Marketing at ComActivity. - ComActivitys model-based development platform will enable us to develop and streamline our operations step-by-step, which is very important in a capital-intensive business like Spendrups with products that have extremely small margins. We must constantly look for ways to optimize our processes, continues Fredrik Spendrup. - We at exSitec are both pleased and proud that Spendrups has chosen us as supplier of automation of their product launch process. With the workflow application in ComActivity everyone in the organization now knows what to do, when the task should be done, and everyone has the right information to solve the task. It is not always the right person who to be assigned a task and the system offers full traceability of the person who carried out a task and when it was completed. With ComActivity we apply lean on administrative procedures, we standardize the work and we look to do the right thing at the right time and we will remove all unnecessary elements in the process. This is what we on exSitec call “Lean Business” says Johan Jigerström, Sales Manager at exSitec AB. For more information, please contact Magnus Grönvik Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ComActivity Phone: +46 704 806088 e-mail: magnus.gronvik@comactivity.net Fredrik Spendrup CIO, Spendrups Bryggeri AB Tel: +46 8 6727700 E-post: fredrik.spendrup@spendrups.se Johan Jigerström Säljare, exSitec AB Tel: +46 13-36 30 30 E-post: johan.jigerstrom@exsitec.se Facts about Spendrups Bryggeri AB Spendrups was founded 1897. Spendrups Group includes the subsidiaries Spendrups Vin, Gotlands Bryggeri och Hellefors Bryggeri. We are also partners in Bergstrands Kafferosteri. From the beginning we were a brewery, today we are a beverage company with a wide assortment. The commitment and passion is as great now as then. For us it is always the craftsmanship and the drinking experience in focus. Among our brands, you will find Spendrups, Norrlands Guld, Mariestad, Heineken, Loka, Schweppes, Pago, El Coto, Gallo, Bergstrands kaffe, etc. The family business Spendrups is a Swedish and independent beverage company that combines a strong tradition with innovative thinking. We are now approximately 1,300 employees and an annual sales of approximately 2.7 MDR. www.spendrups.se Facts about exSitec AB exSitec AB is one of Sweden's fastest growing consulting companies with operations in process-based Business systems, modern tools for decision support and a customer-and service-oriented support function. We also offer a comprehensive training program. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping. www.exsitec.se


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