ICC gives MSD’s insulin delivery device, VetPen®, “Easy to give “ award for contribution to diabetic cat care

Caninsulin® VetPen, the medical delivery device developed by MSD Animal Health specifically for use in pets with diabetes mellitus, has been recognised with an ‘Easy to Give’ award by International Cat Care (ICC). Owner compliance plays a major role in the adequacy of control of diabetes and 95% of human diabetics benefit from the use of a medical delivery device.

Cats always require twice daily dosing of insulin to control their diabetes. Making those injections easy for clients through the use of VetPen® allows veterinary professionals to offer even higher standards of diabetes care; a fact that the ICC veterinary panel clearly recognise.

Zorica Agbaba, Caninsulin® Product Manager is thrilled that Caninsulin® VetPen® has been recognised by ICC, “Dosing accuracy has been a real concern for many vets in the past, especially in those hard to stabilise patients. It’s great to see VetPen® being recognised as the ‘easy to give’ option for feline patients.”

Studies show that even trained laboratory technicians using normal diabetic U-40 syringes deliver at least 20-25 % more insulin than needed for a one unit dose1suggesting the magnitude of error for untrained pet owners may be even greater. 

When it comes to cats in particular, where the dose might be as small as a single unit of insulin and increments as small as 0.5IU are being recommended, dosing accuracy can have a significant impact on the stability of the patient’s diabetic state, says vet Jenny Hipwell from the Caninsulin® Technical Support Team at MSD Animal Health.  VetPen® allows the insulin dose to be set using a dial which pre-sets the dose of insulin that needs to be delivered.

The new award will come as no surprise to veterinary nurse Alicia Cleminshaw, who says she has noticed the difference since recommending VetPen® within the practice, ‘With the pen clients found it so much easier as they have the dial to set the correct dose, which is very accurate especially for small doses and half-unit dosing. I have found that by using the Vetpen® on newly diagnosed patients we are seeing patients become stable more quickly.’

Vets cite clients’ fear of giving injections as a common barrier to treatment and VetPen® goes some considerable way to overcoming these difficulties and concerns about administering insulin. The insulin vial once stored within VetPen® does not need to be kept refrigerated*, allowing pet owners to go out and about with their pet – delivering more control back into their hands.

Vets and pet owners can find out more about how VetPen® simplifies insulin administration, making care of a diabetic pet easier at www.mypetonline.co.uk/petdiabetes

*Caninsulin® is stable at °C for 28 days following broaching of the vial.


  1.     Burgaud S, Riant S, Piau N. Comparative laboratory evaluation of dose delivery using a veterinary insulin pen. In: Proceedings of the WSAVA/FECAVA/BSAVA congress; 12–15 April 2012; Birmingham, UK. Abstract 121

Caninsulin® is an aqueous suspension of insulin containing 40 i.u./ml highly purified porcine insulin. Legal category POM-V. MSD Animal Health, Walton Manor, Walton, Milton Keynes, MK7 7AJ. For further information please contact your MSD account manager or Veterinary Support Group • Tel: 01908 685685 • Fax: 01908 685555


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