Karen Johnston joins Hallmarq team to support launch of small animal specific high field MRI

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July 2014

Having firmly established itself as the global leader in standing equine  MRI technology, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging has now extended its expertise to small animals. The company has launched the new PetVet MRI, which is the only high field MRI designed specifically for companion animals. The new product will be supported by Karen Johnston VMD, MRCVS, PhD, MBA, the new Business Development Director for Companion Animals at Hallmarq. 

Karen believes that the PetVet MRI opens up many opportunities for vets, “Hallmarq has a proven track record in the veterinary community and an enviable reputation with imaging specialists. The company has made it possible for vets not to be forced to rely on refurbished human machines that are not optimized for our patients.”

“The PetVet MRI is designed specifically for companion animals, which means vets, clients and patients can benefit from better diagnostics as a result of superior images at a more affordable price. From Hallmarq’s veterinary designed coils, sequences and patient bed to the comprehensive maintenance and support service, the company is completely focused on veterinary practices and their needs. It’s a great time to be associated with such an innovative and technology-led veterinary company,” says Karen.

Karen will be steering the launch of PetVet MRI across Europe and is the point of contact for any practice or institution considering high field MRI as an in-house resource. Her exceptional career spans almost three decades and includes a multitude of managerial roles in many different countries, seeing her become one of the top business leaders in the veterinary industry. This skill set ensures she is well placed to advise on the strategic, financial and clinical benefits of MRI.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and mixed animal practice in Alaska, Karen completed a House Officer Position at Bristol University and her PhD and ,post-doctoral research at the Royal Veterinary College in the UK.

This was followed by a role in Research and Development Management for a large pet food company in South Africa, where her team was responsible for product development and launch of two new lines of premium pet food products.

Her award-winning contribution to professional communication strategies resulted in an impressive uplift in sales and various senior business leadership roles followed, both in Sydney and the USA.

Karen has successfully implemented groundbreaking global marketing programs and developed innovative technical expertise, all of which positions her as an expert sounding board for any veterinary business across Europe wishing to upgrade or introduce MRI resource.

To discuss specific requirements contact Karen on +49-176-9858-7989/Karen.johnston@hallmarq.net or for more information about Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging or the PetVet MRI, please visit http://www.hallmarq.net/ 

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Photo caption: Karen Johnston, Hallmarq’s new Business Development Director for Companion Animals

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Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is the pioneer of species-specific MRI diagnostics, being the sole global manufacturer of MRI systems specifically designed for companion animals and horses. The Hallmarq team has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of global clinical, research and industrial MRI systems for a range of applications. The company initially revolutionized the diagnosis of equine lameness with the development of the only standing MRI for horses before applying its expertise to small animal diagnostics. Established in 2001, Hallmarq's mission is to improve the safety, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of MRIs, making them affordable and profitable to veterinary clinics worldwide. Find out more at www.hallmarq.net


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