Support at every step in diabetes management

A new practice support portfolio is now available to help vets and nurses deliver a structured programme of professional care for diabetic dogs and cats. The Caninsulin® & VetPen® ‘Support at every step’ programme has been produced by MSD Animal Health to highlight how practices can benefit from the wide range of services in the period up to and following, diagnosis of pet diabetes. The initiative also includes free Practice Diabetes Adviser online training for UK veterinary surgeons and  veterinary nurses.

Caninsulin® is the world’s number one insulin for cats and dogs.1Now, also offering the most comprehensive package of diabetes support for veterinary practices in the UK, Caninsulin®& VetPen® ‘Support at every step’ helps veterinary teams to deliver effective diabetes care.

Clinical support is delivered through stabilisation and serial glucose protocols, as well as discounted fructosamine testing and additional technical support on-demand, by fax, email and phone.

Diabetes is a complex condition to manage and each patient can present different challenges. The client plays a central role in diabetes care, so the programme also includes an owner’s pack that explains everything the owner needs to know, in addition to comprehensive online information.

The use of the medical delivery device Caninsulin VetPen® has revolutionised diabetes care for pets – enabling pet owners to overcome injection fear, improving dosing accuracy and comfort. It was recently awarded an ‘Easy to Give’ award by International Cat Care in recognition of its contribution to removing barriers to compliance. Practice Diabetes Adviser online training includes VetPen® training and veterinary professionals can complete a total of six free modules to qualify as a Pet Diabetes Advisor, earning a badge and certificate. 

For more information about the ‘Support at Every Step’ practice support programme and Practice Diabetes Advisor training, call MSD Animal Health on 01908 685 685, contact the practice MSD Animal Health Territory Manager, or visit


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