Launches Industry's First Fee Engine

Consumers can compare credit cards based solely on fees

March 12, 2013 – CompareCards is at it again - helping consumers understand the complexities of credit card terms and fees. A new tool, The Credit Card Fee Experiment, was launched on that easily displays the fees associated with various credit cards.

This tool is very unique in that it will involve over 100 credit card fees to compare. The Fee Engine is extremely user friendly and provides instant results on fees associated with 8 categories. Those categories include annual fees, balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, foreign fees, late payments, over limit fees, returned payment fees, and returned check fees.

“This is a great feature to provide consumers who are looking for instant results for fees associated with credit cards,” said Chris Mettler, President and Founder of “Results are on one page and there’s no extra information to dig through in order to figure out what consumers are being charged for.”

The Credit Card Fee Experiment is a simple 3-step process. Once users access the page they will be prompted to select a “creature” - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover- and then drag the “creature” into the dish. Next, users choose one or more “fee mutations” to compare and drag those choices into the dish with the existing “creatures.” Fees are automatically generated and the final step is to compare your options by dragging one credit card choice into one of the empty cups above.  That can be done a total of three times to compare the fees associated with three credit cards. 

The Credit Card Fee Experiment is the latest tool of the already existing tools you can find at Those include the debt payoff calculator, balance transfer calculator and a side-by-side credit card comparison tool for an unlimited number of card offers.

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