Nomination Committee for Concordia Maritime's Annual General Meeting 2006

At the Annual General Meeting of 2005 the proposal of a nomination committee passed. The committee will draw up a proposal to be presented at the Annual General Meeting in 2006 for the election of the Board of Directors as well as: • A proposal for the election of the Chairman for the meeting • A proposal for the election of the Chairman of the Board • A proposal for the directors’ fees specified for the Chairman, deputy chairman and other board members

The nomination committee shall consist of deputy chairman of the board of directors and a representative of each of the two shareholders holding the largest number of voter. If a shareholder refrains from the right to appoint a member, the shareholder with the next largest number of votes shall appoint a member. These representatives shall not be members of the board of directors. The chairman of the nomination committee shall be the representative of the largest shareholder. NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Chairman: Karl-Magnus Sjölin, Representing Stena Sessan Rederi AB Member: Nils Petter Hollekim, Representing Odin Fonder Member: C. Mikael von Mentzer, deputy chairman Concordia Maritime AB

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Concordia Maritime is an international shipping company. Our focus is on the cost-efficient and safe transportation of refined petroleum products and edible oils. The series B-share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1984.


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