Fjord Network grows with 400% over 4years and appointed as a Gasell!

Dagens Industri, the leading financial paper in Scandinavia appoints Fjord Network to be a “Gasell 2009” which is synonymous as one of the fastest growing companies I Sweden.

For ten consecutive years the leading financial paper in Sweden, Dagens Industri, has carried out an audit of the fastest growing companies in Sweden, Fjord Network belongs to the rare 1% of the fastest companies that has grown organically during the last four years and therefore been appointed to be a Gasell. Criteria’s to be appointed as a Gasell: • Minimum 4 annual public reports • Turn over exceeding 10MSEK • More than 10 employees • For the latest three years have had a steady growth • For the latest three years doubled its revenues • For the last four years had a positive summarized profit • Has grown organically • Has over all a health financial status - We are extremely proud for the appointment, our impressive growth of 400% over the last 4 years shows that Fjord Network now is established as one of the leading Service Providers of telephony services in Sweden. Fjord network is most recognized by its teleconferencing service Confy , but have now also introduced GroupTalk, a push to talk service for professional users, in the market. To be recognized as a Gasell gives us an enhanced credibility in the market and we hope to continue our growth. –says Jörn Karlsson CEO of Fjord Network.




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