World’s Leading General-Interest Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Journal, “Proceedings of the IEEE” to Mark Centennial Milestone in 2012

Celebration to Include Year-Long Review of Century of Electrical Engineering Progress; Future Predictions Contest; Next 50-100 Year Trend Projections

Piscataway, NJ – September 14, 2011– For many, the name Marconi conjures up a history book recollection of the inventor of radio. But for readers of and contributors to Proceedings of the IEEE, the most highly-cited general-interest journal in electrical engineering and computer science, approaching its 100th year of publication in 2012, Guglielmo Marconi was an esteemed author of significant papers written and reported in this journal about his wireless and other technological innovations during the early 1900’s.

“Publishing articles by giant thinkers like Marconi is but one example of why the highly-cited Proceedings of the IEEE is so valued by both readers and contributors and has endured as a vital window on the world of changing technology for nearly a century,” said Editor-In-Chief, Robert J. Trew, in announcing the publication’s centennial year celebration of the past and future of electrical engineering technology.

“When Proceedings of the IEEE was founded in 1913, the word ‘wireless’ had a different meaning and cell phones, GPS navigation, and iPod and iPad devices were unimaginable. Today, the journal provides the most in-depth tutorial and review coverage of technical developments that shape our world by enlisting guest editors and authors from the best research facilities, leading edge corporations and universities from all over the world. There truly is no better way to be well informed on major trends in electrical engineering, electronics and computer science technology than by reading the Proceedings of the IEEE.”

Future Predictions Competition

One of the highlights of the upcoming centennial celebration will be a Future Predictions Competition, which will entail some crystal ball gazing to identify the best new technology ideas for the future. Entrants will be invited to submit a maximum 1,500-word description of the technological innovation they predict as well as a roadmap of how they envision the supporting technologies will evolve to facilitate the realization of their predicted innovation or invention.

“This competition will enable many individuals from all over the world to participate in our centennial celebration while possibly helping uncover major future technological ideas or perhaps even breakthroughs in our industry,” said Trew.

Cash honorariums will likely be awarded for the best ideas as determined by Proceedings’ editorial board members. Winners will be asked to submit a follow-up video describing their idea for posting on IEEE’s website. A formal statement of this competition and all pertinent information including entry requirements and deadlines, award information, judging criteria and other competition information will be announced in early 2012 on the Centennial Celebration Page at

Special Centennial Retrospective Issue

During 2012, there will be 13 issues of Proceedings instead of the usual 12. A special Centennial Retrospective Issue will be published on May 15, 2012 and will review the past and present and examine the future of technology over the next 20, 50, and even 100 years. Topics to date for this issue include: Wireless Communications, Space Exploration and Science, Engineering Education and the Role of the Engineer in Society, Consumer and Home Electronics, Materials Science, Computers and IT, Technical Research in 2112, Medical Devices, Flexible Electronics, Energy and Power, Optical Devices, Mass Storage, Seeking Extraterrestrial Life and Radio Spectrum Access.

The Centennial Celebration Year will kick off in January with a special issue on Interaction Dynamics at the Interface of Humans and Smart Machines. It will investigate cognitive and behavioral aspects of human decision-making in activities that involve interactions with smart machines.

Centennial Issues and Beyond

Energy coverage will continue to be an important focus for the journal, which is reflected in the subjects of each issue during the Centennial Year. Every issue will also include an article from the IEEE History Center. And for Proceedings’ 101st year of publication in 2013, the general theme of all issues will be technology 101 with topics to include High-Resolution Information Processing of Remote Sensing Data, the Smart Home and more. As always, there will be a continuing emphasis on invited papers.

Some key energy-related special issues that have been scheduled for the Centennial Year of publication include: Addressing the Intermittency Challenge: Massive Energy Storage in a Sustainable Future and a special issue on Marine Energy Technology. Other planned key issues include: Audiovisual Communications Frontiers, Antennas in Wireless Communications, The Evolution of Optical Networking, Beyond HDTV, Memristor Technology, Large Scale Electromagnetic (E/M) Computation and Web Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications

Two special issues, one on Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) and the other covering Remote Sensing of Natural Disasters, will focus on the concept of using technology to improve quality of life and detect natural disasters. More information about all issue topics and special features can be seen at

Classic Papers Online

Already underway, and scheduled to continue well into 2013, classic papers from the Proceedings of the IEEE’s archives by famed industry pioneers like Marconi, Lee de Forest and Claude Shannon are being made available online at so journal subscribers and all interested in science and engineering can access these significant works. Each classic paper will be introduced by a background article to place each author’s contribution in context and increase understanding of the significance of the paper’s content.

“In planning this celebration, our goal has been to make it equate to the importance of this milestone and to encourage IEEE members and our readers to participate in as many festivities as possible,” said Trew. “While we honor our past, clearly our focus during this celebration is, as always, on the technology of the future!” He added: “At a time when the World needs innovative answers to solve many problems, we hope that the thoughts and ideas of these visionaries of the past will provide some inspirational examples for today’s thinkers and problem solvers.”

Founding of Proceedings of the IEEE

The Proceedings of the IEEE has a long and rich history that can be traced back to its early beginnings in 1909, when it was known as the Proceedings of the Wireless Institute. This Wireless Institute began as a society for those interested in wireless engineering. Six issues of the Proceedings journal were published in 1909 under the direction of Greenleaf Pickard and Alfred Goldsmith.

In 1911, the New York-based Wireless Institute merged with the Boston-based Society of Wireless Telegraph Engineers to become the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). Wanting to continue the publishing of Proceedings, Pickard and Goldsmith published the first issue of Proceedings of the IRE (Volume 1) in January of 1913. Goldsmith, a Columbia University professor who had edited the Proceedings of the Wireless Institute, continued as editor of the new journal. This is the milestone of the official birth date of this journal.


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