Connecta - SAP's first dedicated e-commerce partner

Connecta - SAP's first dedicated e-commerce partner SAP and Connecta today signed a strategic agreement regarding e-commerce co- operation. The partnership with Connecta is part of SAP's new Internet venture, As a result of the agreement, SAP and Connecta will be able to jointly offer business development services in which the Internet is linked to e-commerce solutions based on the platform. "Connecta provides us with access to strategic e-commerce expertise combined with implementational ability. We will also have access to Connecta's concept for the rapid implementation of business development projects which, when combined with SAP's new e-commerce modules, will further boost the quality of our offering and shorten concept-to-implementation time," says Thomas Therborn, head of electronic transactions at SAP Svenska AB. "SAP is a world leader and we are naturally proud to become the company's first e-commerce partner, which we view as a seal of quality. We regard as an incredibly exciting and visionary venture and look forward to joining forces with SAP to create exciting e-commerce solutions for both existing and new customers," says Johan Wieslander, Executive Vice President of Connecta AB. For further information, please contact: Johan Wieslander, Executive Vice President, Connecta AB (Tel: +46-8-412 30 00; e-mail: Sven Wallén, President of Connecta's Business Solutions business area (Tel: +46-8-412 30 00; e-mail: Thomas Therborn, head of e-commerce, SAP Svenska AB (Tel: +46-8-587 70 000; e-mail: Connecta AB is an Internet consulting company in the field of business development via the Internet. The company offers services in the following areas: Strategy, The Internet & IT, and Human Resource Management. With its total-approach concept, Connecta can be a full-service supplier to large companies and organisations, offering consulting services that strengthen customers' ability to conduct business in the new digital economy. Connecta currently has about 420 employees. SAP is the world's largest supplier of integrated business support systems. During spring 1999, SAP launched its Internet strategy, which offers completely new Internet-based business opportunities. is an electronic platform aimed at providing tailor-made solutions for three different user categories: private individuals, individual companies and a total of 19 different industrial sectors. The SAP R/3 business support system, one of several key components in the strategy, functions as a platform for profitable e-commerce solutions. The SAP Group posted sales of DM 8.5 billion in 1998. SAP Svenska AB has offices in Stockholm with more than 190 employees. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: