ContextVision Installs First Commercial Low-Dose CT Systems

SharpView® CT
Lower Dose – Higher Confidence

BOSTON, Mass. and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – November 8, 2006 – ContextVision, software imaging partner to the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide, announced today that it has installed the first commercial SharpView CT (Computer Tomography) systems. SharpView CT enables CT equipment to improve or maintain image quality while using dosages 30% to 70% less than regular procedures. Dosage reduction translates into reduced risk for patients as well as diminished wear on expensive equipment.

CT has been in use for over 30 years, and in recent years there have been widespread calls for radiation dose reduction. Worldwide, CT accounts for the largest medical source of radiation and, outside of background radiation, the largest single source of exposure to the world population. ContextVision’s SharpView CT, available for a wide range of CT systems, enables dose reduction through software algorithms that improve or maintain image quality at dramatically lower doses of radiation.

For hospitals, CT dose reduction translates into more responsible care for patients and significant financial savings over time, as expensive CT equipment will be subject to less wear.

ContextVision’s SharpView CT will be deployed globally in the immediate future.
“Our phantom studies, healthy volunteers and our first international study have all provided stellar results,” said Jan-Erik Hedborg, President and CEO, ContextVision. “We are proud to say that every study confirms 30%-70% dose reduction capabilities, depending on the indication.”

The first systems are currently installed in Norway and Sweden. Moving forward, ContextVision will continue evaluations at clinical sites to ensure that optimal workflow is achieved using SharpView CT. The company will also expand reference sites worldwide within the next months.

“With responsibility for our patients’ well-being, we strive to offer the best medical diagnoses with the least risks,” said Clinic Director Lars Westman (MD) at the Medical Centre Radiology Department, Vallingby, Stockholm, Sweden. The Centre performs 47000 examinations per year in its multimodality center. Dr. Westman continued: “SharpView CT offers dramatic improvements for our patients while maintaining or improving image quality for our medical imaging professionals.”