Improved result for Copenhagen Malmö Port

In 2014  Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP)  increased its turnover by  7 % Its  operating profit also improved, reaching SEK  89 . 5   m illion The  main   reason for  these increases  was  higher  volumes in the field s  of  RoRo , Container s   and Dry Bulk .

In 2014  CMP turnover was SEK  763   m illion  (71 5 ) , its  operating profit was SEK  89 . 5   m illion (86 . 7)   and its  operating margin   was  11 . 7 %  (12 . 1 % ) .

“It is  marvellous  that  CMP  was  able to improve both its turnover and its result in  2014,  especially as we increased our volumes in several of our business  segment s during this  same  period ,   says  Johan Röstin, CMP ’s CEO .

The  RoRo  traffic volumes  were  about  10 %   higher  than  in  2013 ,   and  were made up of  around 279, 000  units It was the third year  of increased  RoRo  goods volumes  in succession Handling of new cars decreased to 357, 000  vehicles N ew collaborations were at the same time established  within this area e.g. with  Ford.  Liquid   Bulk volumes  were lower than in  2013,  mainly   because of  decreased  transit oil volumes . Container  handling increased to around 149, 000  units Dry Bulk volumes also increased in  2014,  with  CMP  benefiting from  among others  the ongoing expansion of Copenhagen  Metro .  

It is important to us  that we are  working in several different business  segment s This spreads the risk, and means that  CMP  can increase its volumes even during periods of relatively weak demand ,   says  Johan Röstin. 

In 2014 Copenhagen was named  B est  Baltic  C ruise  D estination .   The  figures for  cruise traffic  were  20 . 9   m illion   gross tonnes  (23 . 1)  and  around  7 7 2 , 000  passengers (837, 000).  Copenhagen’s new cruise terminal opened in the spring Thanks to  the  invest ment,  CMP  offers a state-of-the-art and even more environmentally friendly cruise service This investment  has  also  secured  Copenhagen’s  position  as northern Europe’s foremost cruise destination .

Johan Röstin, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB,
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