Spruce up Mom's yard for Mother's Day

One great aspect of Mother's Day is that it's in the spring. This can give you and your mom the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and cure that cabin fever you've had all winter! If you and your mom both love to be outside in the nice weather, plan for a special day together that can reflect that. For a truly memorable and unique gift idea for this Mother's Day, have Createscape clean up your lawn.

Choose one from these 2 seperate packages:

1. General Spring Clean Up
Includes: Removal of all winter litter, leaves, weeds, and debris from lawn area.
10% off Spring Clean up. Sign up for a free quote today. Coupon expires 5-15-2011.

2. Full Maintenance Clean up

  • Removal of all leaves, weeds, debris, and winter litter from lawn area and planting beds.
  • Hand edgeing of tree rings, planting beds, leveling and staightening of all mulched areas.
  • Granular weed preventer applied to planting beds to reduce weed growth.
  • Corrective pruning of shrubs and groundcover to remove dead or overgrown branches to promote vigorous plant growth

15% off Full Maintenance Spring Clean up. Sign up for a free quote today. Coupon expires 5-15-2011.

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