Meet a Scientologist: Jule Rotenberg Welcomes New Member to Her Family

Sculptor Jule Rotenberg is entering a new phase of life as a mother and loving it. Her “Meet a  Scientologist ” profile is featured at .

Sculptor  Jule Rotenberg  had been looking forward to being a mother for a long time when the Los Angeles-based artist and her husband actor Jack Armstrong decided to adopt.

“We were ready and excited about the change it would make in our lives,” says Rotenberg, “and eager to take responsibility for another life, one completely dependent upon us for his survival. A huge and very important responsibility.”

Onik Zane Armstrong was born May 26, 2011 at 2:44 pm in Southern California. He weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces. Rotenberg was in the delivery room.

“He’s gorgeous and we are so thrilled,” says Rotenberg. “I really love being a mom and it all seems very natural to me.”

Happily married for 13 years, Rotenberg and Armstrong have found parenthood has brought them even closer.

“Onik’s birthmother is 16—very sweet and very much in love with her 17-year-old boyfriend,” says Rotenberg. “They're still in school and it's just too soon for them to start a family. We all get along really well and they are very happy we are now Onik’s parents. We text them and send them pictures of Onik often and they will be visiting him in the future.”

Rotenberg and Armstrong, still learning the ropes as parents, find this new facet of their lives tremendously rewarding. 

“Jack and I really respect and support each other artistically. We work well together and love to collaborate,” says Rotenberg. “And I know that having and rearing a child will be another creative undertaking we will share.”

The new parents are adjusting to new routines and schedules.

“This little guy is awesome,” says Rotenberg. “Of course  we  think he's exceptional, and he really  is . Right now, it’s a lot of sleeping, eating and diapers. We explain to him what’s happening and let him know we understand when he gets frustrated trying to control his new little body. And the patience I have gained through Scientology is invaluable—a tremendous virtue when he's crying in the middle of the night.”

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