Meet a Scientologist—Alex Wisner Knows No Limits

Scientology and Dianetics helped Alex Wisner shatter any barriers to her natural abilities.  Her video is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

High school graduate at 15, accomplished artist, photographer, musician and composer who has owned her own company for four years and has scored more than 20 films, Alex Wisner is a Scientologist—and she is just 22 years old.

Raised in a family of practicing Scientologists, Wisner embraced the religion by her own choice at 14.

“I was researching various religions to make up my own mind.  When I realized Scientology granted me the right to choose what I believe and what is true for me without forcing knowledge on me, that’s when I became a Scientologist,” she says.

Scientology and Dianetics have made it much easier for her as an artist.

“I never get stressed anymore,” she says. “I am able to just confront things.  So if I’m performing I don’t have the insecurities I used to have.  I feel like I’m able to just be myself.”

Wisner describes what she likes best about Scientology as “knowing you are helping people and the ramifications of that–you help one being and they help another and on and on, and knowing it started with you.”

Case in point was how she helped a friend in high school. 

Wisner tells the story: “She would pick me up and drive me to school every day. Then she started smoking pot before she came each morning.  She was an incredible artist and told me she was getting high because she believed that was the only time she could draw.

“I decided to prove to her that this wasn’t true. I didn’t know how to draw, but that night I created a beautiful drawing to prove that ability doesn’t depend on drugs.  She got it.  Then I had her read a booklet on the truth about marijuana—what it does to you and the harm it causes. It really hit home.  She stopped smoking pot and started taking art classes.  I was really happy and proud to have helped her.”

In sum, Scientology has helped Wisner grab the reins of her own life.

“There was a point when a lot of my energy was being exhausted by trying but failing to change things in my environment,” she says.  “It was in a Dianetics session that I found what was at the root of this—a decision I had made that no longer applied to what was going on in my life but seriously limited my ability.  Once I spotted that decision, it was gone.  Since then, everything has been so much easier.” 

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