Meet a Scientologist—Cyril Bourny, Stuntman: No Hands, No Brakes and Nerves of Steel

Stuntman Cyril Bourny can laugh in the face of danger, as he has gained the knowledge through Scientology to survive no matter the odds.  His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos on the Scientology website at

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, motorcycle stuntman Cyril Bourny tells how Scientology turned his life around.

If there is one thing that characterizes Bourny it is unbridled nerve at breakneck speed.

Riding motorbikes since he was seven, the 28-year-old Frenchman performs the most daredevil stunts with sangfroid and savoir-faire.

“I was full blast into what I was doing as a stuntman when I found Scientology,” says Bourny. “I had really expanded in my field.  But the rest of my life was falling apart.  Drugs were pulling me down, not up. I was heading for the bottom with no brakes.”

Bourny learned about Scientology from his famous father, stuntman Patrick Bourny. A critical injury had left the elder Bourny incapacitated and addicted to morphine until Scientology helped him fully recover—physically and spiritually.

The younger Bourny says Scientology helped him turn things around too.  He stopped taking drugs, married his girlfriend and simply took charge of his life, focusing his energy on accomplishing his career and personal goals. 

“Scientology allowed me to really be myself,” he says.

Bourny says Scientology helped him improve his reaction time as well, and for one who makes a career out of risking his life, even a fraction of a second can mean the difference between success and disaster.

Bourny describes a time when his stunt team was challenging the world record for leaping over cars on a motorbike: “Just as I took off from the springboard to start the jump, a photographer moved to the exact spot where I was supposed to land.  In a fraction of a second I calculated exactly how to maneuver to clear the cars and miss the photographer. It was such a complex set of actions I would never be able to describe it.”

“When doing a stunt all my attention is on what I am doing,” says Bourny.  “Scientology has put me in control, which has saved my life more than once.”

Bourny has high aspirations and pursues them at mach speed.  But rather than heading for a crash landing at the bottom, with Scientology he is aiming for the stars.

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