Nicole Greenwood, Not Your Typical Hollywood Starlet

Scientologist, actress and humanitarian worker Nicole Greenwood was among the first responders in Port-au-Prince after the Haiti earthquake in January 2010. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

When NBC’s Kerry Sanders described actress Nicole Greenwood on the February 3, 2010, Today Show, it was not about her performance on the TV show “In Plain Site.”

The correspondent was referring to the compassionate young woman in the bright yellow T-shirt at the bedside of a young Haitian child in a Port-au-Prince hospital.  “In 20 minutes we watched as Nicole took a pained little girl from frowns to giggles,” Sanders said.  And to Greenwood, a Scientology Volunteer Minister, helping in Haiti is one of the most important “roles” she will ever play.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and with a series of Broadway road shows to her credit, Greenwood came to Hollywood and supported herself as a nanny while breaking into the TV and film industry. 

It was then that she looked into Scientology.

“I felt like I’d come home,” says Greenwood.  “It had been hard to keep my perspective.  My ‘friends’ used to tease me about my old-fashioned values. Now, here was a group that agreed about the importance of honesty and treating people fairly—they viewed life very much as I do.”

“I loved that I didn’t have to ‘believe’ anything,” she said.  “I took a course, I tried it out and it worked.  So I took another course and that worked too.  I could make up my own mind.  I saw the results with my own eyes—I couldn’t deny it was true.”

Greenwood first wore a Scientology Volunteer Minister T-shirt in September 2005. 

“I was always big on helping people.  Before I became a Scientologist, I had volunteered at Ground Zero after Sept 11,” she says.  “I saw the Scientology Volunteer Ministers who were there and was impressed by how effective they were.  My mother was originally from New Orleans, so when Hurricane Katrina hit I felt I had to go.”

A Scientologist by then, she joined the Scientology Disaster Relief Team headed for the Gulf Coast.

Greenwood helped alongside hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, taking on any task that was needed.  It was there she learned the Scientology assists she later used in Haiti—techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard that address the spiritual factors in trauma, illness and injury.

Greenwood sincerely hoped she would never see such a level of devastation again.  But it paled in comparison to what she encountered in Port-au-Prince.

Greenwood signed up for the first Scientology-chartered relief flight from Los Angeles to Haiti in January 2010, to provide support services to the hundreds of doctors, nurses, EMTs and other disaster relief specialists sent to Port-au-Prince by the Church.

“The Haitians are the most spiritual and resilient people I’ve ever met.  Despite everything they have been through they do not lose hope,” says Greenwood, who is returning to volunteer in the country for the third time this year.

Greenwood learned a valuable lesson in New Orleans and Haiti.

 “I realized that the Volunteer Ministers motto is true,” she says.  “No matter how tragic the circumstances ‘Something can be done about it’.”

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