Calling number forty nine – not any more

CST’s new TrackSmart helps waiters deliver food to the right table

Call System Technology’s (CST) new TrackSmart is ideal in restaurants where customers order at a central point, find a table and wait for their order to arrive.  Up till now waiters have had to shout out a number, look for a wooden spoon or rely on customers waving at them so they know where to take the order.

With the launch of CST’s TrackSmart all this has changed. Once diners order their food they are handed a round guest tag which they take with them to their table.  A small tag beneath the table receives the signal from the guest tag and relays it to a PC so staff know exactly where the customer is sitting.

TrackSmart’s graphical interface identifies the location of the customer’s guest tag in real time, eliminating the need to hunt for customer numbers on tables.  It doesn’t matter if customers change tables - they just take their tag with them and TrackSmart keeps track of their movements.

TrackSmart is compatible with most kitchen display systems or can be used as a stand-alone option. It is completely wireless, quick to set up and very simple to run. The table tags are water resistant and designed to stand up to the rigours of a busy restaurant environment.

TrackSmart can even notify customers that their order is on the way. It increases efficiency, as staff do not have to search for where a customer is sitting.  Customers benefit from a calmer and more pleasant dining experience. It improves food quality, since orders can be delivered to the right table more quickly.

Tags are recharged by stacking onto a smart charging station that prevents over-charging, extending battery life up to three years. Recharging takes two hours. The system tracks all device movements and advanced reporting can show historical device movement over any given period.

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TrackSmart – Feb-13

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