Custos moves back to the "A-list"

Custos moves back to the "A-list" AB Custos' Board of Directors has decided to list the company on the "A-list" of the Stockholm Stock Exchange instead of on the "O-list". Custos thereby intends to return to the listing that was in place until June 19, 1997, when Custos moved from the "A-list" due to the more advantageous wealth tax position that the "O-list" offered. Custos has during this entire period continued to observe the rules and regulations of the "A-list". "Custos has the ambition of making the Custos share one of the most attractive savings products on the Swedish market. The decision last year to move to the "O-list" was driven by the tax exemption from a wealth tax point of view offered by that listing. Now that this exemption no longer exists, we have to make other considerations vis-a-vis private individuals. In addition to the quality stamp of the "A-list", the advantage for private households is that brokers´ commissions are often lower for companies on the "A-list", says Christer Gardell, CEO of Custos. Stockholm, January 29, 1998 AKTIEBOLAGET CUSTOS (publ) Christer Gardell Chief Executive Officer For further questions please contact Mr Christer Gardell (+46 8 440 57 70). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: