Cxense ASA: Warrants - start of exercise period

Reference is made to the stock exchange notices published by Cxense ASA (“Cxense” or the 

"Company") on 8 September 2015 and 6 November 2015 regarding a Private Placement and Subsequent Offering where subscribers also were granted warrants (ISIN NO 001 0747454). 

The exercise period for the warrants granted commences today, 12 October 2016, and expires on 12 November 2016 (the "Exercise Period"). The exercise price for each warrant is NOK 130 and each warrant exercised gives the right to one Cxense share. 

To exercise warrants you hold, correctly complete and submit the attached subscription form to before the expiration of the Exercise Period. Upon expiry of the Exercise Period, any warrants that have not been exercised will expire and have no value. Payment of the aggregate exercise price shall be made within 25 November 2016. See further details in the attached subscription form. 

All warrant holders will also receive the subscription form and information on the number of warrants they hold to their address registered in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS). 

For further information, including the complete terms and conditions of the warrants, please refer to the prospectus from the Company dated 21 October 2015 available at

Investor Relations Contact:
Jørgen Loeng, Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: +47 906 60 062