Leading Telecom organisations address Device Management issues

Leading European telecom organisations, OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) and OMSI (Open Mobile Service Interface) are promoting enhanced device management through open standard initiatives.

Through co-ordinated activity OMSI and OMTP are contributing significantly to solving Device Management issues; a Device Management standardisation improves service usability by ensuring that terminals are correctly provisioned and makes it easier to keep customers’ personal data and settings when switching mobile phones.

The OMSI solution, directly addresses the OMTP defined recommendations concerning customisation and service provisioning. OMSI has further addressed major issues in the transfer of user data between terminals. The OMSI solution was an initiative from leading telecom companies Sony Ericsson and Nokia, and has been in process since 2003. The solution also offers Diagnostics and Software Update as part of the standard interface via tethered connection between the mobile phone and a PC.

“This harmonisation between the standards bodies will benefit customers - to have their phone book, calendar, SMS and other data transferred at Point of Sale when they buy a new mobile phone, even if they buy a different brand than they had before”, explains Pål Nilsson, consultant Cybercom Group and OMSI Forum coordinator.

Behind the OMTP initiative are leading telecom operators: Telefonica, Orange Group, Telecom Italia Group, T-Mobile International, Vodafone Group, Telenor Mobile Group, Hutchison Europe Telecommunications, SK Telecom and Cingular Wireless. OMTP identifies high level user and operator centric requirements to be implemented by terminal manufactures.

“Our aim is simplifying the customer experience of mobile data services. Unlike Voice and SMS services, in which the handset vendor and mobile operator have clear roles, mobile data services have a complex service supply chain in which many parties are responsible for providing the end-to-end service, resulting in a confusing and inconsistent experience for the customer. By OMSI actively adopting the OMTP requirements in this area the industry as a whole takes a major step in that direction”, says Tim Raby, Managing Director of OMTP.

For further information, contact:
Pål Nilsson, OMSI Forum coordinator, phone +46 (0) 708259667, pal.nilsson@cybercomgroup.com
Sarah Bedwell, OMTP, phone +44 (0) 1628 502601, sarah@mustardpr.com

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