Patrik Boman Cybercom’s new president and CEO

The board has appointed Patrik Boman, MD of HiQ Stockholm, as the new president and CEO of Cybercom Group Europe (publ).

Boman is 42 years old and holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration and economics. Since 2000, he has been MD of HiQ’s Stockholm operation, which is the largest within the Group. Before that, Boman held prominent marketing and sales-oriented positions at international businesses such as Telia and AT&T Unisource.

“Cybercom’s growth strategy and international business are very attractive to leaders in our industry, which is plain to see in our recruitment process," says Per-Eric Fylking, board chairman. “I’m very pleased that Patrik Boman will be Cybercom's new president and CEO. Patrik has been very successful in his previous positions and knows the challenges of our industry. Patrik will provide Cybercom with strong sales-oriented leadership, which is important to our continued pursuit of persistent growth with profitability and to establishing Cybercom as a leader within our chosen line of business.”

Boman will assume the position of Cybercom’s president and CEO in the second quarter of 2007. Bengt Levin, Cybercom’s executive vice president, will become the acting CEO starting 1 December 2006, when current CEO Mats Alders leaves the company, as was previously announced.

A photograph of Patrik Boman is attached.

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