Continues its expansion in the danish industrial market

DAHL CONTINUES ITS EXPANSION IN THE DANISH INDUSTRIAL MARKET Dahl International AB (publ) is to acquire Maskinkompagniet Odense A/S, a wholesaler focusing on the industrial market. The company, which is established in Odense and Kolding, has annual turnover of more than MDKK 40 and 25 employees. Geographically, Maskinkompagniet will form a good complement to the previous acquisitions in the tool segment, SCS Industriværktcj (Sept. 1997) and OP Værktcj (Jan. 1998), through its establishments on Funen and southern Jutland. The combined sales for 1998 are expected to be in excess of MDKK 200. Maskinkompagniet will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Brcdrene Dahl in Denmark, making Dahl more complete in the industrial market and boosting sales of the existing took range. "In the short time we have secured a solid position in tool sales and strengthened our profile among industrial customers", comments Dahl's President P-O Söderberg. "The acquisition of Maskinkompagniet has given us a nationwide organisation for sales of tools to the industrial market", says Bent Larsen, President of Brcdrene Dahl a/s. For additional information, please contact President P-O Söderberg or Financial Director Mats Norberg, telephone: +46-8-700 18 20. Dahl is the Nordic countries' leading wholesale and trading company in the market for heating & sanitation/water & sewer supply and pipe products for industry. Dahl's sales in 1997 amounted to MSEK 9,375. Dahl has a leading position in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland, and has a strong position in the Finnish market.