10-Year-Old Passes His GCSE Maths In One Month

It took 10-year-old, Mohammed Syed from Hillingdon, West London, only one month to prepare for and pass his GCSE Maths.

With almost 300,000 year 11 students failing the subject today, what was Mohammed’s secret to passing the exam with such ease?

Two things - a good mentor and an effective revision strategy to use at home.

As Mohammed’s mentor and maths specialist, Jeevan Singh, explains: “Mohammed is a bright kid and has the potential to do very well in maths so why hold him back? Let’s enter him for his GCSE Maths early...”

“I admit, we left it a bit late. We started preparing for his GCSE Maths exam in April this year. I gave him a 4 week revision program to follow at home. I told him to follow it strictly and to get in touch if he had any issues. Within a month, he was passing the practice papers so I entered him for his GCSE Maths in June...”

Mohammed took his GCSE Maths exam at Cranford Community College, Hounslow, where he scored a C grade. He was stunned when he received his result.

“I am speechless. The whole experience has been amazing. I can’t believe I’ve passed my GCSE Maths!” says Mohammed.

“Mohammed’s result shows that anybody, regardless of age and ability can pass their GCSE Maths, as long as they have an effective revision program to follow at home. Ultimately, the best results are achieved from what you do at home, consolidating on the work carried out at school or tuition”, claims Jeevan.

Mohammed’s mum, Pam, was also delighted with his result: “I am so proud of him. What he’s achieved, at his age, is exceptional. This is all thanks to Jeevan for guiding him and giving him the belief that he could do well in this subject”.

Mohammed is now preparing for his 11 plus exam which he’s going to sit in October/November of this year, but he already has one foot in the door now that he’s already passed his GCSE Maths.

“Another reason why I put him forward for his GCSE Maths is to give him a greater chance of securing a place at his desired grammar school. With competition increasing every year and no guarantee that you’ll get a place even if you pass the 11 plus exam, we had to think outside the box a little”, says Jeevan.

“It’s hard to differentiate between pupils who take the same exams so I entered him for his GCSE Maths too. That way, if he passes his 11 plus as well as his GCSE Maths, it gives him an edge over somebody who’s only taken the 11 plus”.

Mohammed is also planning to take the higher-tier GCSE Maths exam in the next year or so.

“We’ll enter him for the higher-tier exam in the near future using the same revision strategy as we used before, I’m confident he’ll get a grade 8 or 9”.

Jeevan Singh’s 4 week GCSE Maths revision program is designed for somebody who is looking for a fast-track route to a pass in GCSE Maths. A number of students and schools in the UK and abroad have used his 4 week program and seen a significant improvement in their results.

If you would like to see Jeevan’s program in your school, please visit his website: www.gcsemathsforschools.co.uk/licensing


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