1GumADay Is Energy-Boosting Chewing Gum With Plethora of Health Benefits

Introducing 1GumADay – the brand new energy gum that’s set to offer a boost to all of those juggling increasingly busy lifestyles while wanting to remain fit and healthy.

The innovative new chewing gum is sugar-free and works to improve overall health and wellbeing on a multitude of levels. With a minty refreshing flavour and the ability to deliver results twice as fast as energy drinks, but without the nasty added chemicals, 1GumADay is sure to become an invaluable addition to many busy individuals’ daily routines.

The gum is made up of three key ingredients that stimulate and revive the senses: caffeine, guarana and taurine. Caffeine is obviously the ingredient that gives coffee drinkers a little extra vim and verve, while guarana is a plant in the maple family that’s also associated with boosting energy. Taurine is an organic compound often found in energy drinks and thought to have antioxidant properties. With these three ingredients working in tandem, 1GumADay can offer a dramatic energy boost – both physically and mentally.

Stuart Bennett, CEO of 1GumADay, says, “Our exciting new gum is in the early stages right now – we’ll be starting a crowdfunding campaign to put the creation into production very soon, and the first batch will be shipped to our early adopters as soon as possible. We’re thrilled to introduce 1GumADay to the market, as we attempt to help busy individuals get the most out of every day, with boundless energy and a plethora of other health benefits.

1GumADay is totally sugar-free, which means it’s safe to chew all day long. Chewing gum can also stimulate saliva, which not only reduces tooth decay, but also restores the pH balance within the mouth, for a healthier and cleaner sensation.

The gum can also prevent busy individuals from soaking up too many calories as they go about their day. The simple act of chewing gum signals to the brain that you’re about to eat, which triggers a release of insulin. This insulin soaks up the sugars in the bloodstream and prepares them to be used as energy, which could result in preferable metabolic reactions throughout the body. Those chewing 1GumADay will benefit from increased oxygen being pumped to the brain, which also results in higher concentration and improved focus.

Stuart adds, “1GumADay isn’t just a gum for physical stimulation – it can also help to kick the brain into gear and induce mental stimulation, too. With plenty of health benefits, energy-boosting ingredients and the ability to relieve stress, we’re confident that 1GumADay can prove an incredibly useful tool for those who want to work hard and make it to the top.”

For more information about 1GumADay, please visit the website: https://igg.me/at/1GumADay/x/13625115


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